3 Legal Obstacles Entrepreneurs Have to Worry About

Being an entrepreneur can open up a lot of freedom and opportunities to make money. An entrepreneur also has many opportunities to get into legal trouble as well. Some of these legal issues can be anything from hiring the wrong legal counsel, not having their business structure properly in place, and issues with intellectual property. Some of these issues are easy to avoid while others are a bit more complex. With the right plan in place, a lot of these issues can be avoided. Let’s take a closer look at some of these issues.

1. Intellectual property

Intellectual property rights can get a person in a lot of trouble. These cases often can run-up massive legal bills. An example of IP rights is copyright, trade secrets, and trademark.

A lot of these issues come from new entrepreneurs trying to get their brand in place. They might make a brand or symbol and it might look similar to another brand or symbol. This could be a potential IP legal issue. A lot of these issues don’t come from someone doing something bad. A lot of the time it’s just a simple mistake.

Some ways that a young entrepreneur can prevent this is by hiring a good IP lawyer and seeing if their brand or anything else conflicts with someone else’s IP rights. No one wants to have their work copied, even by mistake, by someone else. A good IP lawyer can also protect young entrepreneurs from their IP issues in the future.

2. The right business structure

Having the right structure can affect a lot of things. The wrong structure can limit an entrepreneur’s options. If they want to be publicly traded int he future or remain private this is something to consider. An example would be partnerships. A partnership comes in two types. A limited partnership means one partner would have unlimited liability and other partners would have limited. A limited liability partnership offers limited liability to everyone.

Knowing these differences can prevent a lot of issues that may come up in the future. Liability is a big deal in the business world. The goal is to keep what the business is liable for as low as possible. Having a lot of liability is not a good thing. A business would not want to have unlimited liability if they can avoid it.

The business structure also effects how a business is taxed. A young entrepreneur who plans wrong and doesn’t set aside enough for taxes will run into a big problem. Problems with the IRS can range from being set up on a payment plan to even being held liable for certain legal issues. It’s always best to keep taxes as accurately as possible to avoid these problems.

3. Legal counsel

This can be a big problem for people in general. Not every lawyer is a good lawyer and even good ones may not be a specialist in the issue you are facing. It’s best to look at a number of legal professionals and vet them as closely as possible. Look up things like reviews of their work, their bar license, and what cases they recently took on. It’s important to check if the lawyer you want is well trained and educated.

An example would be hiring an IP lawyer that has good reviews, a prominent law office, and has cases that relate to IP issues that are recent. There are multiple ways to do checks on a lawyer. One of the best is to do a sit down at their office and get a feel for them.

An example of a good lawyer would be Douglas Healy. It is best to look for legal counsel like Douglas because vetting can be pretty hard sometimes.

4. Conclusion

Legal issues can quickly ruin an entrepreneur’s business. Some of these issues relate to IP rights, appropriate legal counsel, and business structure. These issues are common ones for new entrepreneurs to face. IP issues are often innocent in nature but can still turn into big, expensive issues if left unchecked. Business structure has an effect on everything from taxes to liability. Good lawyers like, Douglas Healy, should be used as an example when looking for legal counsel. As long as an entrepreneur has a proper plan in place, then a lot of these issues can be avoided

Who Really Wins in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Have you ever found yourself in a personal injury lawsuit? What was the outcome of the suit? Well, for some the outcome was bright for others not so much. One of the biggest questions many ask their personal injury attorneys when starting a personal injury claim is, who really wins in a personal injury case? Well, that’s not an easy question to answer that question, you have to look at several aspects of the case in question. 

When we think about winning and losing, we have to think about whether we are winning for monetary standpoint or we’re winning because we got a judgment and someone stood up and said hey what happened to you isn’t right and this person is to blame and these are the reasons why.

Whilst in Utopia we wouldn’t have to have personal injury claims, a personal injury attorney or need a Tampa personal injury attorney, but in the real world we do. Moreover, in the real world we have to accept reality. The biggest dose of reality comes when it’s time for the other party to pay, and they don’t. Judges can order the person in the wrong to pay, but reduce or suspend the payment due to mitigating factors. As these are civil cases the defendant can weasel their way out of not paying. With a smart defense attorney, you may never see the money that was ordered because of loopholes in the law whereby a doctor might put all of his money into a trust fund for his family or he is an LLC. Moreover, you may not see a payout of the medical malpractice insurance because the doctor didn’t pay the insurance premiums, or he did not have adequate coverage.

But winning is more about the emotional aspects. Sure, maybe you get $1000000 because you lost a foot but think about what you’re going to lose in the long term? Your quality of life diminishes and everything you’ve missed out on or we’ll miss out on is not worth $1000000 at all. Not to mention the insurance companies who are able to raise insurance premiums on doctors who have to pay out on the malpractice insurance. They get more money from your suffering when sometimes you get no money or even a third of what you should have got from a summary judgment order. Furthermore, many lawyers work on contingency so a large chunk of whatever you were ordered is going to go to your lawyer at least 30% of your summary judgment order would be going to your lawyer, so they win and you lose.

When it comes to medical malpractice sometimes you’re the only one who loses out, and the doctor wins. This is because doctors and nurses belong to a fraternity of sorts and they sully your name behind closed doors. There is a stigma attached to a patient who makes a complaint or ends up in a personal injury suit with a doctor or other health care professional. And that stigma tends to follow them from one office to the next. It is comparable to a doctor making a note on your file that you are suffering mental illness, thus you a prejudged by the next doctor you see.

If you are lucky enough to receive a summary judgment order and they have awarded you money, you may never see that money, due in part to, the doctor appealing the decision or refusing to pay the money that was ordered by the courts. If you find yourself in such a predicament, then you may have to look for new personal injury attorney to help you fight the case and get the money you deserve. If you need the services of aTampa personal injury attorney there is help out there for you, they are only a click or call away.

The Takeaway

There are no real winners when it comes to personal injury cases everybody loses out in some fashion, but it’s important to remember that you still have to take a stand and see your personal injury claim through to the end, if you do not someone else’s life may be at risk and they may die at the hands of medical malpractice

5 Financial Challenges Self-Employed People Face

Being self-employed is awesome, and comes with a lot of advantages that people working “real” jobs don’t get. However, it also comes with its own challenges as well, particularly financial challenges. Knowing these challenges, and planning for how you will deal with them, is a must for anyone who’s considering becoming self-employed. The good news is that a little knowledge goes a long way, and overcoming these challenges isn’t as hard as you may think. Let’s go over five financial challenges that self-employed people face, and how to beat them.

1. Buying Your Own Equipment

When you work a normal job, all the equipment that you need to do it is provided for you in most cases. But, when you’re self-employed you’ll be buying all your equipment on your own. This could be anything from a new computer to word processing software, or even something like a lawnmower if you’re in the landscaping business. As you can imagine, the upfront costs for this can be a pain.

One way of dealing with this problem is self employed loans. This will allow you the money you need to purchase all the equipment you need to get your business started. Also, don’t forget that business expenses are tax-deductible, so use that to your advantage when tax time comes.

2. Paying Taxes

Speaking of taxes, unlike people who work normal jobs who get a tax refund at the beginning of each, you’ll be expected to pay taxes instead. You can also pay quarterly as well if you wish, but either way, you will have to pay your taxes.

The best way to overcome this challenge is to deduct as much as you can when you file your taxes. For example, you can deduct all of your office equipment that is used solely for your business, and even the cost of your office space itself.

3. Health Insurance

If you live in the US this is probably one of the biggest challenges you’ll face as someone who’s self-employed. While many people get their health insurance through their employer, you’ll be expected to get it on your own. This can leave you with limited options, many of which are overpriced.

The only real way to deal with these issues is to budget your income wisely and make health insurance a top priority. In a way, you should think of it as an expense, since you can’t really go without it, so make it one of the first things that you subtract that from your income when writing your budget.

4. Work Will Be Inconsistent

When you’re self-employed, you don’t get a steady income. Instead, it tends to come in waves: at some points, you get tons of work and make a lot of money, at other times you won’t get much at all, and it can be worrisome. This feast and famine cycle is just a fact of life when you’re self-employed, so get used to it.

Beating this challenge isn’t hard though. Just save up plenty of money when you’re getting lots of work. Sure, it can be tempting to go on a spending spree, but remember that a dry spell is always just around the corner, so save up.

Also, if you’re having trouble finding work and really need some extra cash to hold you over until the next job, self-employed loans can help. Just don’t become too reliant upon them, going into debt isn’t going to help you in the long run.

5. Retirement Accounts

Another thing that gets handled automatically when you work a normal job but not when you’re self-employed is your retirement savings. What this means is that you’re going to have to take it upon yourself to make sure that you have enough money in savings to last throughout your retirement because no one is going to do it for you.

Fortunately even as someone who is self-employed, you have several options. You can open an IRA (SEP, Simple, Traditional, or Roth), create a solo 401k, or get a defined benefits plan. This may sound complicated, and it can be, but there are services out there that can help you set it all up.

Be Smart About Self-Employment

How well being self-employed works out for you is in large part due to how well you plan on tackling the challenges that will come your way. If you stay smart and prepare for these challenges properly, then you can achieve your dream, and live the life of freedom that you’ve always wanted

4 Steps to Managing Your Money in 2020

There’s never a bad time to get serious about your personal finances. Let 202 be the year you commit to keeping a budget. If you already have one, take some time to reassess and determine any areas for improvement.

According to Rex Burgdorfer Crunchbase, money management is a life skill that will do so much more than give you extra money in the bank; it helps you prepare for the rest of your life, and these tips will help you get your financial skills on the right track.

Use a Money Management App

There are dozens of free apps that give you an easy way to track your spending, plan savings and learn where you’re wasting the most money. Aside from keeping all of your financial details in one place, these apps present data in easy-to-understand visual displays, as explained Rex Burgdorfer Twitter.

Rex Burgdorfer Crunchbase profile shows how hard work pays off; Burgdorfer is a specialized investment banker from Chicago who helps non-profits build from the ground-up.

Your personal checking account can be a lot easier to break down when you have a pie-chart detailing how your money is divided among bills, debt and living expenses.

In 2020, you have more access to personal financing help than ever before. Take full advantage of what smartphones have to offer. Just make sure that the app you choose is run by a legitimate company and has good reviews; never provide your personal banking information to a source you can’t verify.

Put Away Something From Every Paycheck

Even if you’re earning minimum wage, it’s possible to save something each paycheck. Many people with low incomes fall into the misguided belief that it’s not worth saving if you don’t earn enough to get by; if anything, people with smaller earnings need savings more than those with higher incomes.

You may only have $5 to put into a savings account, but that’s still better than nothing. Start where you are; financial responsibility doesn’t come with more money.

Make a Budget for Non-Essential Expenses

Your daily coffee habit might be costing you hundreds of dollars a year. Living on a budget doesn’t mean you should cut out everything that doesn’t contribute to your survival, but you do need to develop structure and be honest about how you’re wasting your own income.

Some people argue that cutting down on their expenses deprives them of a social life and memories, but is this true? You can have just as good of an experience eating bagels you make at home as you can spending $25 for less food at a diner.

Break Up Your Savings Goals

Rather than putting all of your money into a single savings account, differentiate your goals for the year. Have some money allocated for your vacation, money put away for a new car and money for medical expenses, retirement, etc.

It’s beneficial to use SMART goals when you plan your savings. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Rex Burgdorfer Twitter gives plenty of inspiration for money management and personal financing; it’s far more motivating to watch your savings account increase toward a goal than it is to save indefinitely.

With these tips in mind, you can start enjoying greater financial freedom in 2020 regardless of how much you earn. If you’re going through a rough patch, know that the discipline and skills you acquire today will continue to serve you well as you star to earn more in the future

Daniel Doyle Pleasantville NY Shares The Benefits of Being a Mentor

Mentorship is an enriching experience for both partners involved. While many people only consider the impact mentorship has on the mentee, the fact is that mentors can reap the benefits of this fulfilling relationship as well. The following are key benefits of you can glean from a mentoring relationship:

1. You’ll Learn New Things

Daniel Doyle Pleasantville NY shares that one of life’s greatest lessons is to never stop learning new things. While this is an ambitious endeavor, few people are able to make time for it in their regular lives. As a mentor, you’ll have to constantly read up on various topics that aren’t quite in your wheelhouse. Since mentees will look to you for your guidance and knowledge, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with these topics to the point that you can speak on them with some level of expertise.

2. You Can Share Your Experiences and Knowledge

There’s no feeling that is quite as rewarding as being able to share your knowledge with others. Even if you’ve never considered yourself to be a teacher, Dan Doyle reminds others that sharing their knowledge through a mentor-mentee relationship can be truly empowering. Armed with your knowledge and experiences, you’ll be able to help others avoid any of the pitfalls that you’ve experienced in your own career, choose projects and job prospects more intentionally, and prepare for a successful career in your chosen field.

3. You’ll Hone Your Management and Leadership Skills

Management and leadership skills are essential elements for anyone hoping to advance in their careers. Regardless of your job title, if you hope to be considered for a higher position, you’ll need to refine these skills. Daniel Doyle Pleasantville NY suggests that ambitious employees consider becoming a mentor to hone their management and leadership skills.

According to Dan Doyle, acting as a mentor will help you refine these skills as you guide and oversee your mentee. As you share your sage wisdom with your mentee, you’ll automatically tap into all your leadership qualities and grow your management skills.

4. You’ll Grow Your Professional Network

Networking in Queens is an important way for an individual to develop their own professional relationships. However, mentors themselves are able to expand their own professional networks in this mentor-mentee relationship. Just as you’ll introduce your mentee to others that they can add to their network, you will be able to benefit from their contacts as well. While a mentee may be in another stage in their career, never underestimate the people in their circle. The more your professional relationship grows, the wider your reach will be.

5. You Can Give Back to Your Industry

As you help other young professionals hone their skills and grow in their understanding of their career path, you’ll be doing more than contributing to your mentee’s professional development. By choosing to have a mentoring relationship with others in Queens, you’ll be able to give back to your industry as well. As your mentee transforms into a better version of their professional self, your industry will gain an even more competent worker. Moreover, should your mentee work with your organization in the future, you’ll reap the rewards directly of this mentorship.

Mentoring is a powerful experience for both the mentee and the mentor. Keep this information in mind as you consider enriching your life with this type of professional relationship

Sales Tax Nexus: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

The Sales Tax Nexus law has been adopted in 30 states across America with the potential to be enacted in the remaining states in the near future. What does this law signify for small businesses and entrepreneurs?

A Supreme Court decision, South Dakota v. Wayfair sales tax case, carried long-range effects across the whole of the United States. This court case rescinded the “physical presence rule“.

The Physical Presence rule is a rule that determines tax presence based on jurisdiction.

Rescinding the physical presence rule opened the door for taxation on remote sales of taxable merchandise. The current trend towards resale on sites such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and etc. will mean that countless small businesses and entrepreneurs that rely on out-of-state taxable retail sales will be adversely affected by the sales tax Nexus laws enacted within their jurisdiction.

What Small Businesses Need to Know

The Nexus sales tax deductions will differ from state-to-state. Businesses attempting to navigate the new sales tax liability themselves may find that they will require professional services for accurate reporting.

The states listed below have enacted Nexus economic and use tax requirements. The starred states have already begun collections on the remote sales tax law. While many states share similar Nexus sales tax deduction and thresholds the Nexus tax calculations are not universal.

Kentucky *
Massachusetts *
Michigan *
Minnesota *
Mississippi *
New Jersey *
North Carolina
North Dakota*
Ohio *
Pennsylvania *
Rhode Island *
South Carolina
South Dakota
Vermont *
Washington *
Wisconsin *

How Can Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Prepare for Nexus Tax Requirements?

Small businesses that engage in out-of state taxable retail sales will be faced with additional sales tax requirements. Many business owners have already turned to sales tax outsourcing as a solution to this complex tax requirement. The benefits of using a Professional Tax agency are immeasurable.

Be Pro-Active

+The Wayfair sales tax case has unleashed new sales tax law that make meeting tax requirements a moving target. As new additional states begin to enact their own set of Nexus tax laws this will require that taxpayers stay a step ahead of the ever changing requirements.

+ On top of saving a business owner time, a Professional CPA can provide complete tax planning services. A tax expert will employ an up-to-date sales tax calculator keeping a taxpayer on the right side of state tax law payment requirements.

+ It is a CPA’s job to stay abreast of the latest in tax law, therefore, they would be the perfect partner in a small business or entrepreneur to have on their side in case of an audit.

+ A business owner can have the peace of mind in the fact that their sales taxes are filed correctly and on time. A professional can expertly advise on taxpayers on current tax law and sales tax deduction changes by making use of up-to-the minute calculations of a sales tax calculator. Sales tax outsourcing can even save a business owner money. How so? Failing to pay Nexus multi-state sales tax correctly can cost a small business significant financial loss.

Most professional agencies provide a free consultation. Pick up the phone and schedule a meeting to discuss your individual tax needs. A sales tax expert can help rest assured that your multi-state retail nexus’ taxes are filed according to current tax regulations

How Donald Trump Managed to Get So Many Loyal Supporters

President Trump has one of the most loyal support bases of any president in American history. The fact that he got elected without a majority of the popular vote makes this fact even more interesting. Several factors have resulted in the loyalty of his support base. Regardless of the reason, his support has grown since his election.

He is a breath of fresh air for many Americans.

One major factor is that Trump is not a career politician. He has never held any other political office which is unusual since only five other presidents could make that claim. Most of them have been either senators or governors. President Trump, on the other hand, is a businessman, which has been a big help to the economy. As David Urban indicated Trump’s popularity is no accident. He also has a sense of humor even when dealing with his enemies that has been seen far too infrequently among presidents and politicians in general.

The Divide between political opinions in the United States.

Today there is the sharpest divide in political opinion that has ever existed within the United States. President Trump is not the cause of this division, but his presidency has made it a lot clearer.

Those that are politically and religiously conservatives want to maintain the traditional economic, religious and moral values that have had a part of this country since its founding.

Those on the left seek to change all of the traditional economic religious and moral values. This change tends to be more in a more socialistic and atheistic direction.

Democratic opposition in attacks against Trump.

From the moment President Trump got elected president the Democrats were infuriated at his victory. Part of it resulted from the fact he came in second in the popular vote, however, Hillary did not get a majority of the popular vote either. The Democrats were also so convinced of Hillary’s upcoming victory that many refused to fully accept Trump’s election. Because of this, they have shown a unique hatred for Trump resulting in unusually strong opposition and numerous attacks against him. The peak of these attacks has taken the form of the house impeachment of Trump by a purely partisan vote. These attacks have helped to increase loyalty and growth among Trump supporters.

The state of the economy during his administration.

One of the major factors is that the US economy has been doing quite well under President Trump. A reason for this is that because he is a businessman he knows what businesses need to thrive and produce jobs and building low unemployment. For example, David Urban has pointed out that in Pennsylvania the president’s support of the coal industry has given him a six percent lead over a Democratic opponent. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ notions such as “the Green New Deal” and “Medicare for all” that will cost Americans as much as six hundred thousand dollars per household would harm the economy.

President Trump has gained so many loyal supporters for numerous reasons. Not only is he seen as a breath of fresh air in the White House, but his policies have proven themselves to be good for this country. Despite the constant rambling of the Democrats against him, he continues to fulfill his promises to the American people.

How to Successfully Land a Job as a Remote Tech Support Agent in 2020 With No Experience

Whether you’re just beginning or looking for a career change you can certainly use some help to land an entry-level tech job without stress. Follow these tips to find a  tech support job from home or anywhere at the entry-level with little experience. Employers would like to hire someone who has the expertise and who is not actually an entry-level applicant. As a result, you will see many jobs requiring experience in your quest for your first tech job. This is how we recommend that you work with them.

Apply No Matter What

When you see a nice position at the entry-level that you assume is the great fit for you, please apply irrespective of whether or not you satisfy your experience. Employers frequently post positions to recruit the applicant at a fairy level with 3 + years of experience, without any salary expectations, only to realize that nobody applies to their position. You will find yourself among a relatively small pool of candidates who are applying for the position when you apply. This will make the chances of you getting the job higher.

Do not patronize or try to inform the company should you want to apply for the position that they are nonrational because they want to hire someone with 3 + years of experience for an entry-level position. Be polite and compassionate instead. If they want knowledge, convince them that you are knowledgeable overall and above average at learning.

Be Confident And Hungry

The more relaxed you are with yourself, the better you do. Be relaxed not understanding things. You can’t expect to learn it all. Be intrigued to listen instead.

Enhance your drive and your appetite. Act as you want it. Make sure this is evident. This is obvious. Don’t seem crazy, but seem deeply interested. Have your background research and an organized, truthful and give reflective answers.

Networking Will Get You In

When you email your resume through someone in the organization you are applying for, your chance of getting an interview will increase substantially. The tough part is to find someone in the business and get them to give you credit. Luckily, there are some excellent guides to help you link to the right people and to launch the networking process online through social media. A

Also applying for a well-renowned company like Tech Live Connect have a high tendency of recruiting individuals at an entry-level position. Tech Live Connect ensures that their personnel facilitates 24×7 Live expert support with minimal waiting times and that clients are able to timely and easily address their software problem. Applying for companies like this will always hire new talent even with little experience.

Strategies like these will help you get into the business with the right people. Have a coffee with a member of staff and take the opportunity to learn more about the organization, the job and potential career opportunities for the future and to learn how to work there. Impress them with your comprehensiveness, care and interest and they may thank you

How Important is Graphic Design For Your Business?

Today, visual media is more important to a business than any other form of contact with the public. According to marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk we’re headed into a world where visual and hands-free consumable content is just around the corner. In fact, it’s here. Graphic designers like Jeff English Hoboken, know the value of their craft and the business world should too.  Most top marketing agencies hire graphic designers separate from the writers and web designers because it’s a skill that not everyone can handle. 

Every day, there’s something changing about graphic design and Jeffrey English Hoboken knows this firsthand. You must stay on top of your game in this business and there are a lot of very valid points to how important a graphic designer is to your business. You should also work with them as you would any other member of the marketing team. What graphic designers like Jeff English Hoboken do tell the potential client who you are and gets them to want to go further to read or listen to your other content. 

Reasons why graphic design is important for your business.

Shareable Content Is King: In order for potential clients to see you, you need to engage people. According to Jeffrey English Hoboken, a top graphic designer, your graphic guy or gal should understand what’s hot and what’s not in your industry to keep your image on the cutting edge. People need to trust you and graphic design is your front line.

Graphic Design is your first impression: First impressions last a long time and if your graphic design isn’t impressive, then neither are you. From your logo to your social media posts, your designer needs to be on top of it. 

Algorithm Knowledge: Yes, graphic designers have to know what the search engines and social media platforms like. They know who is looking and sharing and what triggers people in each industry. You need someone like Jeff English Hoboken that knows what those visual triggers are up-to-the-minute.

Quality and Creativity: With the aforementioned knowledge, the designer needs to create high-quality images. It’s not just digital artwork. It’s all done with your target in mind and this crushes your competition. Your designer should be able to make you stand out in your industry, get you shared more than your competitors and keep your following engaged and growing.

Storytelling is the Key: Today, there’s a call for storytelling. People that have the most buying power love the story a brand puts out. Tell them with words and show them with images who you are and why they should become a customer. Graphic design is one of the primary tools to use for an engaging company story.

Being a company that hires a top-notch, innovative graphic designer like Jeffery English Hoboken as a long-term service for their marketing needs is a company that reaches the top and stays there. The visual aspect is what shows you off to the world as a unique entity that cares about the people you serve. Yes, visuals can do that and more. If you’re ready for that type of success; hire the right graphic designer.

Mike G Law

4 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Start A Blog

Mike G Law

As a Pasco criminal defense attorney, you only make money when you get clients. Whether your schedule is filled at the moment or not, you should always put yourself in a positive position. You should also help educate your community in your field of expertise. To do these things, you might decide to start a blog. While it may take some work, it will prove to be a useful tool. Here are 5 reasons why your law firm should start a blog.

Generate traffic to your site

Have you ever wondered why when you look up “Pasco criminals defense attorneys” other law firms pop up in the search engine before you? Well, there are a number of reasons, but one of the main reasons involves relevancy. You need your website to be regularly updated with new information, such as a blog, for search engines to deem it relevant. Post a high-quality blog once a week, or even once a month, to keep yourself on top. This is one of the top ways people improve seo.

It’s important for your blog to be something people want to read. Come up with unique ideas. You can highlight interesting cases, talk about misconceptions, create videos, and provide your own humorous insights. Don’t forget to post a link to the blog on social media. If your article is entertaining, it may even go viral.

For the best results, keep the topic of your blog relevant to your practice. Don’t forget to include (but not saturate) the content with relevant keywords people might search for, including your location.

Establish your firm as an expert

When you post high quality blogs with a lot of information, people will start to come to you for more legal advice. As more people look to you for advice, you establish yourself as an expert in your field. When the people see you as an expert, people in your community will see you as an expert, too. This adds to your value. You may be able to charge for consulting and speaking jobs.

Inform people about the law

One of the reasons you should start the blog is for a genuine desire to tell people about the law. Most people only know what they learned in movies and from friends, and most of that information is inaccurate. You have knowledge that people need, and it’s a service to make that information available to people. You can help people from making disastrous legal mistakes that can adversely affect their lives.


Blogs can be interactive. Clients and potential clients can certainly respond to your blog, but colleagues can respond, too. They can provide their input on your opinion. Whether they agree or not, this can lead to a healthy discussion about law. It can also give you the opportunity to network with other attorneys in your area. They may become someone who can help you advance in your career.

Your blog can help you interact and educate your community. It can also help bring in new clients. Don’t be afraid to use your blog to attract clients that may need your expertise.