Keel Associates Shares The Best Books to Read if You’re In Debt

Being heavily in debt is absolutely frightening. Often, debtors are unaware of their legal rights and feel as though there is nowhere to turn. Sadly, due to the double-digit, credit card interest rates that are common these days, people find it next to impossible to dig their way out of debt. Also, many people are saddled with medical bills and student loan debt. It saps a person’s ability to carry on with a normal life, such as marrying or buying a home.

At Keel Associates, a firm that specializes in helping people overcome debt problems, we realize that people will need our services as well as some good books for both moral support and legal advice. The following are some of our favorites.

“Solve Your Money Troubles: Strategies to Get Out of Debt and Stay That Way” – Seventeenth Edition by Amy Loftsgordon and Cara O’Neill

We are big fans of Nolo Press. They don’t come up much in the New York Times Best Seller List, but they are a company that specializes in showing average people how to defend themselves legally. Their books are often longer and usually are filled with sample letters and legal briefs. Also, you have access to the updated information online when the laws change. This one is no exception.

The book is almost 400 pages in length and includes sample letters to creditors and budgeting worksheets. Online additional information includes podcasts and financial calculators. This book will help you wherever you are in your debt issue, such as:

  • Budgeting
  • Dealing with collectors
  • Prioritizing debts
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Dealing with foreclosures, garnishments and repossessions
  • Reducing student loan monthly payments
  • Responding to lawsuits by creditors
  • Rebuilding your credit
  • Weighing bankruptcy as an option

The 17th edition has added information about the new student loan payment options, new foreclosure prevention options and updated information on debts and individual states. The book costs less than $20 on Amazon!

“Your Money or Your Life” by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

According to U.S. News, if you are looking for more of an inspirational book, Dominguez and Robin help you change your thinking and really examine if your current spending habits support the life you prefer. The goal of the book is not to turn you into the world’s most severe penny-pincher. Rather, the book is to help you determine if your spending is leading to the lifestyle and goals that really feel nurturing, life enhancing and bring you personal joy.

“The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey

According to NerdWallet, if you are looking for a book that is both motivational and provides you the all of the steps to move successfully through debt repayment, Ramsey’s book is worth a look.

“Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath

U.S. News suggests that Switch is a good book for someone who has a behavioral issue with impulsive spending. The Heaths help people figure out what portions of their thinking support positive behavioral change and what parts do not. For example, maybe rationally you realize you should not spend so much money at the mall or on Amazon, but spending has been filling an emotional vacuum in your life. The Heaths teach people how to align the emotional and rational thinking into supporting your financial goals.

As you can see, books on debt relief can help you focus upon the legal issues, the psychological issues or the actual steps in paying off debt. At Keel Associates, we are also here to help you with your debt problems. Call us today with any questions you have

A Vaccine for Cat Allergies is Closer than You Think: What’s Next

Researchers have developed a long awaited cat allergy vaccine. The allergy is known to cause effects like sneezing, eye irritation, nasal congestion, skin rashes, and general unease among cat lovers. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reveals that 10% of Americans are allergic to cats and other furry pets. According to Medical Daily, a firm called Hypocat has developed an allergy vaccine that aims to combat cat allergy.

The Swiss based research company pointed that the new vaccine is different from the commonly used treatments based on immunotherapies. The vaccine is given directly to cats and not humans. News about the breakthrough vaccine was revealed recently by the HypoPet AG Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Gary Jennings. Once administered, the vaccine fights a protein known as Fel d1 that is resident in the cat’s saliva and tears.

When a cat licks itself, it essentially spreads the Fel d1 protein allergen over its fur. The protein then spreads into the air, where it is picked by the human nasal cavity. The Hypocat vaccine produces lots of antibodies that binds and defuses the Fel d1 allergen in cats. Once it finally becomes available, the vaccine will help prevent allergic reactions and associated symptoms like nasal congestion, skin rashes and even asthma.

The test carried out at the HypoPet laboratories involved 50 cats. Each cat was given 3 doses of the vaccine in a trial that lasted 9 weeks. During the analysis, all test animals experienced increased antibody levels and developed an immune response capable of repulsing the causative allergen. The study also noted the presence of low Fel d1 in the vaccinated cat’s saliva and tears. No negative long term effects were recorded during the study.

Away from the laboratory, tests conducted on cats living with people have also shown remarkable results. Following the success of the vaccine, Forbes magazine reports that HypoPet AG is seeking to register the studies and have it tabled before US and European food and drugs regulators for final approval. This means cat owners will wait for a few years before buying or ordering the vaccine.

The complete details of the vaccine are published in the highly respected Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. This is not the first study concerning cat allergy vaccination, but it is one of the most provocative since it’s not administered to humans. Past studies about cat allergies have been published in journals like Immunity, Inflammation and Disease and the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

One of the research centers at the forefront of allergy studies and treatment is the Dublin, Ohio based Premier Allergy and Asthma. The center has an experienced team of medical experts and the clinical infrastructure to deal with stubborn allergies. Premier Allergy and Asthma employ about 100 experts in its treatment centers across the US. The experts are committed to its core value of integrity, innovation and service excellence.

For the employees, Premier Allergy ranks as one of the most preferred asthma research, treatment and care centers in Ohio due to factors like favorable work-life balance, job security, attractive compensation and accommodating work culture. For treatment and general information, simply call or visit the treatment center website for immediate assistance

Helpful Advice For Those Going Through a Divorce

Whether you’ve been married for just a few months or several years, divorce is hard on everyone. When there are children involved, the level of complication only rises exponentially. Regardless of whether there was a major betrayal involved or a couple just simply “grew apart” over the years, divorces can quickly and easily become messy, complicated, highly emotional affairs. No divorce is ever truly easy but there are certainly ways to make things more or less complicated. Here are four tips for those going through a divorce.

1. Consult an attorney early on

Too many couples assume that consulting a divorce lawyer is, in and of itself, the death knell of their marriage. Contrary to popular opinion, however, most divorce lawyers would rather see a marriage repaired than severed. In fact, many couples that consult an attorney end up discovering that fixing their marital problems may, in fact, be a far simpler solution than getting a divorce. The sooner you consult a divorce attorney, the more you know what your options are and the better you can plan the course of action that is right for you.

2. Set good boundaries

Even the most amicable divorces will inevitably pull up a dizzying array of emotions. Going through a divorce is essentially the polar opposite of falling in love. The emotions involved in separating are every bit as strong and confusing, but they are often painful. It can be easy to want to lash out in pain one minute and then think you are making a huge mistake the next. All of which your spouse is going through at the same time. The important thing is to not act on sudden impulses as they come. Setting good boundaries can help you keep from acting impulsively and then regretting it later. As much as possible, any communication during this time should happen between divorce lawyers or other trusted intermediaries or in the presence of adult third parties such as family therapists or parenting coordinators.

3. Take time for self-care

Again, no matter how amicable a divorce may be, it is still a painful ending. As strange as it may seem, eating a healthy diet, getting lots of good exercises and spending time with family and friends will go a long way towards helping you ease the pain and work through painful emotions. Sleep may be difficult at times but doing your best to get plenty of rest will also help carry you through this painful time.

4. Explore your options

There are a wide range of services available to divorcing couples these days, as well as different options for severing your marriage. Parenting coordinators can help couples maintain good boundaries by working as an intermediary to help couples keep from unconsciously making their children pawns in their divorce. A collaborative divorce can also help make the severing of legal ties more amicable. A collaborative divorce is a negotiation process that takes place between the couple. Rather than having the court simply make arbitrary binding decisions, collaborative divorces are more like a custom-made divorce created by the couple. This allows them to create a plan that best meets the unique and individual needs of their family.

The tools you use to sever a marriage will determine how much pain and anguish is involved. If you try and sever it with dull tools like a butter knife, you will simply prolong the agony. Using a sharp saw to sever the tie will result in a faster and more painless procedure. Tampa divorce attorneys can help you sever your legal ties with the least amount of pain and anguish possible

How to Incorporate Philanthropy Into Your Business

During 2018, corporate philanthropy in the U.S. was responsible for over $20 billion in donations to various charities across the 50 states. That number was noticeably higher than the one in the prior year. It was also one of the highest amounts ever reached in the U.S. When those figures are cross-referenced with historical patterns, it seems fair to expect the donations in 2019 to be even higher. And rightly so. After all, one of the most meaningful ways in which companies can contribute to their communities is by employing philanthropy.

The reason why many businesses fail to help their communities boils down to their inability to find an efficient strategy to do so. This happens when there are disagreements between the senior management and those charged with governance on potential methods of giving back. Fortunately, according to a seasoned and established philanthropist, Rusty Tweed, there are a few easy ways to implement a culture of giving into practically any organization.

Allow On-the-Clock Volunteering

A large number of professional service organizations have recently turned to the on-the-clock volunteering method of philanthropy. The way that it works is based on paying employees for something that has nothing to do with their job. Instead, they are incentivized by compensation to find a volunteering event and participate for a full working day. There are a few important benefits from this strategy and they include higher worker motivation, productivity, and, most importantly, better community relations. The fact that the employees get to pick what type of event they want to attend is also an outstanding way to let them engage with causes that they personally value. After all, not all members of an organization are going to have the same background. Hence why it is not surprising that they may want to participate in different volunteering openings.

Provide Platforms for Workers to Donate

Since people may not have enough time to attend volunteering opportunities, it is crucial to establish a platform where they can submit financial donations. This will act as a direct alternative to anyone who would rather focus their philanthropy on monetary assistance. In most cases, however, companies do not have a formal way to gather funds for their community and simply let their employees donate through external parties. While there is nothing wrong with that approach, having a centralized platform where all donations can be gathered will increase the number of those who give back. That way, the cumulative amount of money gathered for the community will grow and the business will be able to assist more people.

Set Aside a Portion of Profits

Finally, Rusty Tweed stresses that companies should never rely solely on their workers to be philanthropic. They must also lead by example and ensure that they showcase a long-lasting track record of donations to charitable causes. The easiest way to do something like this is to determine what amount of profits can be set aside and given back to the community. Obviously, that percentage will depend on the current state of the economy, revenues, expenses, and similar. Regardless of the actual dollar figure, simply having an approved course of action that lets the business make perpetual donations will be a perfect embodiment of the philanthropic spirit.

Some other ways to incorporate philanthropy into the company include things like formal meetings where employees are introduced to community events, newsletters, and so on. Before getting into these options, however, it is important to consider the ones mentioned above as they have been proved to work very well in every market

Ballast Associates Discusses How to Get a Debt Consolidation Loan With Bad Credit

Many of us go through financial challenges. Whether it’s finally pursuing that startup, experiencing a medical condition, or being able to purchase a home, there are many reasons why we accumulate debt.

Nobody plans to be stuck in debt. However, the statistics are staggering about debt in the US. A website named Lexington Law stated that the average consumer debt in the US amounts to $ 11,700. For others, it could be even more due to home and auto mortgages, student loans, and other recurring payments. On average, Americans owe 26% of their income to debt.

When debt is left unpaid, interest can accrue over time which may result to even more debt or giving up properties under equity loans.

What is a good solution to get out of debt?

According to Ballast Associates, a well-known financial advising company, debt consolidation is one of the great ways to help pay off your debt in a more manageable way. Debt consolidation is a process wherein a company offers a loan by compiling your total debt and turning it into a single, lower monthly payment.

Although terms under debt consolidation loan are longer than usual, you can be assured with a monthly rate that you can pay with your present income.

Most people may consider having a debt consolidation loan but are worried that they may not be approved due to bad credit. It is still possible to get a debt consolidation loan despite having a bad credit–Ballast Associates provides insight on how to succeed with this.

Ballast Associates Discusses How to Get a Debt Consolidation Loan With Bad Credit

Find a company that accepts poor credit.

The first step in securing a debt consolidation loan despite poor credit is browsing companies who would offer this in the first place. For example, Lending Tree offers debt consolidation or personal loans even for people with bad credit. It is easier to take out loans from private lenders than bigger companies as larger companies would have more qualifications needed for security.

The only caveat with some personal loans, private lenders, and other companies who are willing to provide loans for those with poor credit are the high-interest rates. If you think that you’d rather get approved despite bad credit with an interest rate that’s a little higher, then you can choose this option.

Verify with your credit union.

Another option which can save you money for better interest rates is checking with your credit union. Your credit union may have debt consolidation offers for lower interest rates even under bad credit. Being a member of a credit union for a longer period of time will increase your chances of getting approved.

Credit unions offer both secured and unsecured loans. Federal credit unions are often the most affordable ones, but State credit unions can also have competitive rates. Another benefit of credit unions is that they can be more forgiving if there comes a period that you’re unable to pay. If you often take out loans and would want lower interest rates, you may consider joining a credit union.

Have a co-signer with good credit.

According to Ballast Associates, having a co-signer with good credit can increase your chances of securing a debt consolidation loan. Usually, debt consolidation companies scan applicants by their credit score. A low credit score is often shunned especially if they are only considering a certain range.

However, some companies are more lenient as they offer the option of having a co-signer. They can also look into the co-signer’s credit score, and this will be a guarantee for them that the debt consolidation loan will be paid off.

Although getting a debt consolidation loan with bad credit may be challenging, be assured that you’re one step ahead towards approval with these strategies