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Here’s How You Do PR For Startups

Startups have an uphill battle when they start a business. They are new on the scene, so they need to create a name for themselves. They also need to establish trust in the community. That’s where public relations comes into play. Here is how to do startup PR.

1. Research the Industry

In order to create the best PR plan possible, you need to do your research. You need to research your competition to learn what they offer. This can help you highlight the things that set you apart. Once you know who your competition is, you need to learn what they are doing to advertise. What has been effective? What hasn’t worked so well? Finally, you want to research marketing in your industry. What are the most popular keywords? Knowing popular keywords can help you create a PR plan that includes the things people are searching for.

2. Clarify Target Audience

You need to clarify your target audience in order to create a PR plan that targets your audience in particular. Use surveys and information already available to you to learn about the most popular demographics. You will target males between 18 – 30 differently than women 55+. That being said, it’s okay to target multiple demographics.

3. Get Involved in the Community

People like to see companies getting involved in their community. Sign up for local charity events. Even better, look for events that will be covered heavily by the media. Don’t forget to wear your company’s logo on your hat. Don’t be afraid to speak to the media, either! Just make a point to emphasize the cause instead of your business.

4. Develop Professional Connections

You need to make friends in your industry. These friends can give you advice or even end up becoming a valuable partner. In order to do this, you need to go to local events for professionals in your industry. Do your best to make a good impression. You never know who you will meet.

5. Utilize Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for business. It gives you the ability to connect with your audience and other people in the industry. Create a social media account for your business on a number of different platforms. The most popular platforms right now are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use pictures and videos to really make your content stand out. Don’t forget to maintain a consistent energy throughout your posts. This is how you will establish a personality for your brand. You can choose to be playful, professional, hip, or traditional.

6. Establish Yourself as Expert

People need to be able to trust you and your brand. When people trust you, they will be more comfortable giving you money. They will also come to you for questions or other needs that apply to your industry. One of the most popular ways to establish yourself as a leader in the industry is to write a regular blog. Write high quality blog post with a lot of information. Write on relevant topics that people who need your products or services may be interested in.

7. Write an Amazing Email Pitch

An email is a powerful tool for startup PR. If you want people to respond to your inquiries, you need to pitch them. Email is an effective way since people can respond to it on their own time. However, email is easy to ignore, too. Start your email campaign with an eye-catching subject line. You only have limited space, so keep it short and sweet. You also want to keep the email relatively short and to the point, too. Many people won’t spend more than a couple of seconds looking at an email before deciding whether they want to continue or not. Start the email with what you can do for them. Once you have a great email campaign, you need people to send it to. Offer a place on your website for people to sign up for your emails. However, you may not have a huge list, to begin with. Next, you can use a lead generating platform to get more emails.

PR is a necessary aspect of starting a new business. With a strong start, you may be able to create a good name for yourself. Soon, you will be focused on maintaining your clients instead of focusing on getting new ones.

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