Sam Haskell

Why The COVID-19 Pandemic Is The Perfect Time To Publish Your Book

The COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect time to publish your book, and you need to understand how you can manage the publishing process. Self-published authors can help themselves when they are trying to make good choices if they follow the tips below. You can publish your book at any time during the quarantine or just after to capture the attention of the public.

You Have Plenty Of Time To Edit

You have plenty of time to edit when you are at home all day. This is a very easy time for you to look over your book, check everything, and make sure that the book is ready. If you are editing your book a little bit every day, you will get the results that you want. The problem with editing is that you need to go over the book more than once. You do not have that kind of time most of the year, but you have time. You are likely working from home, saving time because you are not commuting, and have time to get to work on the book as soon as you are done with your regular job.

You Can Reach People Today

Sam Haskell encourages authors to reach people today because they are already at home. This is a simple way for you to manage your publishing plan because you can continue to work longer at night. You have more time when you get up in the morning, and you can make a few choices that are appropriate for your publishing plan including changing the cover design or looking for an editor.

You Can Work With Other Authors

You have time to talk to other authors when you are working from home. You can discuss your book using a video conferencing platform, and you can continue to learn about how to manage your publishing plan. This is a good way to get some insight into what you are doing with your book, and you could even work with people who have already published their books.

You Can Organize Your Thoughts

You might want to finish writing the book, and you will have some time to organize your thoughts if you are at home all day. This is a good time to write your book at your own pace, and this might make it simpler for you when you are sitting at home with time to spare. You can even share your work with the people in your home, and you can read your book passages aloud if you are wondering how they sound. This is a simple way for you to understand how the book sounds, and you should continue to check items off your outline as you are writing.

You Can Create Your Budget

Sam Haskell encourages writers to consider how they can budget for the publishing process. The budget should include several different items that include marketing, printing, and editing. You do not need to pay for your publishing plan if you use a free platform, and you should consider how much money you want to invest in a second book.

You have the time to consider how much money you can spend, and you can use the money you are saving on commuting or eating out on your publishing plan. Some people have the extra money now because they are not driving to work, and you should try to use that money now because you will start commuting to work again in the future.

You Have Time For Social Media

You have time for social media when you are trying to market your book. You can post to social media often, and you can create the keywords that you need for your marketing plan. You also need time to consider how you will choose the genre tags that are used for publishing. Most people who are publishing a new book do not know the genre they fall into.

Most books take up more than one genre, and you should consider which genre you will embody when you publish. You can mix those genres to create your keywords, and you can publish your book with great success because you have finally chosen the appropriate keywords.


You need to make a plan for your book publishing journey when you are inside every day because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You should make sure that you have created a plan for your pandemic writing, and you must edit your book because you have extra time. Someone who is thinking about what they can do to make publishing easier should spend their extra time at home to make the appropriate choices. This is a simple way for you to reach people while they are at home, and you can capture the attention of people in different genres because they have nothing else to do but read

How Donald Trump Managed to Get So Many Loyal Supporters

President Trump has one of the most loyal support bases of any president in American history. The fact that he got elected without a majority of the popular vote makes this fact even more interesting. Several factors have resulted in the loyalty of his support base. Regardless of the reason, his support has grown since his election.

He is a breath of fresh air for many Americans.

One major factor is that Trump is not a career politician. He has never held any other political office which is unusual since only five other presidents could make that claim. Most of them have been either senators or governors. President Trump, on the other hand, is a businessman, which has been a big help to the economy. As David Urban indicated Trump’s popularity is no accident. He also has a sense of humor even when dealing with his enemies that has been seen far too infrequently among presidents and politicians in general.

The Divide between political opinions in the United States.

Today there is the sharpest divide in political opinion that has ever existed within the United States. President Trump is not the cause of this division, but his presidency has made it a lot clearer.

Those that are politically and religiously conservatives want to maintain the traditional economic, religious and moral values that have had a part of this country since its founding.

Those on the left seek to change all of the traditional economic religious and moral values. This change tends to be more in a more socialistic and atheistic direction.

Democratic opposition in attacks against Trump.

From the moment President Trump got elected president the Democrats were infuriated at his victory. Part of it resulted from the fact he came in second in the popular vote, however, Hillary did not get a majority of the popular vote either. The Democrats were also so convinced of Hillary’s upcoming victory that many refused to fully accept Trump’s election. Because of this, they have shown a unique hatred for Trump resulting in unusually strong opposition and numerous attacks against him. The peak of these attacks has taken the form of the house impeachment of Trump by a purely partisan vote. These attacks have helped to increase loyalty and growth among Trump supporters.

The state of the economy during his administration.

One of the major factors is that the US economy has been doing quite well under President Trump. A reason for this is that because he is a businessman he knows what businesses need to thrive and produce jobs and building low unemployment. For example, David Urban has pointed out that in Pennsylvania the president’s support of the coal industry has given him a six percent lead over a Democratic opponent. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ notions such as “the Green New Deal” and “Medicare for all” that will cost Americans as much as six hundred thousand dollars per household would harm the economy.

President Trump has gained so many loyal supporters for numerous reasons. Not only is he seen as a breath of fresh air in the White House, but his policies have proven themselves to be good for this country. Despite the constant rambling of the Democrats against him, he continues to fulfill his promises to the American people.

How to Make Sure You’re Getting a Quality Bathroom Renovation

Renovating a bathroom may seem like a huge project, but it often takes only a few days for the contractor to complete the work. If you live in the Baton Rouge area, then you should definitely consider contacting MaxHome. You can make sure you’re getting a quality bathroom renovation by looking at what the company offers. Consider specific ways the business can help you.

Get All the Information You Can About the Proposed Project

Nobody wants to feel like their renovation project was a mistake. Talk with the contractor to discuss all of the details beforehand. If you have any concerns, then voice them before you sign any paperwork. A good remodeling company will tell you everything you need to know about the project. You should ask about the total costs and the quality of the materials. If you aren’t sure about a specific design idea, then don’t hesitate to ask the company for more information. These businesses know that these projects require a lot of time and effort, so they’ll usually be very upfront about services being rendered. You probably don’t want to choose aesthetics over functionality, so talk with the experts about developing a custom solution that meets your specific needs.

Make Sure the Company is Reputable

It’s very easy to research a renovation business on the internet, and you can avoid a potential headache if you make sure the company you select is reputable. If you’re looking for a bathroom remodel New Orleans, then you likely have a few different options to select from. A company like MaxHome has more than 15 years of experience renovating bathrooms, so you can rest assured the business is providing quality service. Avoid contractors that advertise services on sites like Craigslist. A large company is much better at handling renovation services.

Look at Suppliers and Materials Used

You’ll want to make sure the company uses quality materials to build your new bathroom. A Kohler shower will likely last significantly longer than a generic alternative. Ensure that the stone used to make the tiles is sourced from a reputable supplier. A good renovation company will be very transparent about the company’s services, materials, and policies. If you’re looking to install a Kohler shower or a Jacuzzi, then make sure you get all the information possible before you make a purchasing decision. You should ideally select designs that match. If you’re looking for a pivoted bathroom shower door, then the company should be able to tell you all the options that are available. A reputable company will usually find the most cost-effective solutions possible. These businesses tend to deal directly with the manufacturers, so you can potentially save a lot of money by utilizing their services.

Look at the Total Design Plan

A good company will help you design the entire bathroom from the ground up. You may want to ask about lighting, plumbing, and windows. A Baton Rouge contractor should be able to tell you how the bathroom renovation will fit in with the overall design of the house. If you’re utilizing the services of a reputable company, then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about the fine details. These experts usually focus on customer satisfaction. Those who are looking for a bathroom remodel New Orleans should browse MaxHome’s website to find out more information

White Mountain Partners Landscaping Shares How to Grow Your One Man Landscaping Business

An increasing number of people are starting landscaping businesses, with this being one of the more popular one-person companies to be established. Whether this is a side gig or a full-time opportunity, quite a large number of people may not know how to grow their firm successfully.

Much of this can be because there can be quite a broad range of advice to take advantage of. As a result, many people may not know what to focus on. This could mean that they’ll quickly become overwhelmed with it and not know what they should do.

Despite this, there have been a variety of tips and tricks that have been much more effective in recent years. This should mean that they’re some of the better-recommended ones to follow. There are several in particular that you should follow, each of which should be effective for any one-person landscaping company.

Now, let’s get started with the top tips from White Mountain Partners Landscaping.

Start Early

Quite a large number of people might believe that the best time to start a landscaping business is in the summer. After all, this is one of the more significant times when people will need work done. However, this doesn’t mean that you should start then. In contrast, it’s recommended that you start as early as possible.

Typically, it’s recommended that spring is when you should start your efforts. A significant number of people will need work done then, which could then lead to more work in the following months. As such, an early start can be much more effective than you might have thought.

Focus On Word Of Mouth

Your clients can be one of your greatest assets when growing a landscaping business. This is especially true when it comes to word of mouth marketing, which is often one of the more effective ways of expanding any company. As such, it can be well worth asking satisfied clients to pass along your information to friends or family who may need landscaping work.

Use Social Media

While word of mouth marketing will be quite useful for your company, this shouldn’t mean that you should neglect other efforts. Instead, social media can be one of your biggest allies when expanding the firm and gaining new clients. This is because of how many people you’ll be able to reach on it.

You may have to spend a significant amount of time on this, although it’s well worth the effort. Potential customers are waiting to be reached, so using social media effectively will be one of the more beneficial ways of getting to them.

By using each of the above, you should find that you’ll be able to scale up your landscaping business. These will each take a certain amount of time to be effective. As a result, you’ll need a certain amount of patience when doing so. This is the case for all businesses, regardless of what stage of operations they’re in.

It’s recommended that you use all of the above together, as this should then let you see the most results possible. Naturally, you’ll have to spend a significant amount of time on making sure that your customers are satisfied. Combined with the above, you’ll soon start seeing your landscaping business grow

Wink Capital Discusses How a Debt Consolidation Company Can Help You Pay Off Thousands in Credit Card Debt

According to The Balance, as of June of 2019, American debt had surged past its Great Recession level to over $1 trillion. The average credit card debt per U.S. household is $8,398.

According to The Balance, many people have amassed a large amount of debt because of high health care and gasoline prices. Also, people are forced to rely on credit cards to pay for unexpected expenses when they are laboring under gig economy jobs that fail to even pay minimum wage.

Wink Capital, a firm that specializes in helping consumers who are struggling under heavy debt loads, is often asked by customers how debt consolidation companies can help them pay off thousands of dollars in credit card debt.

Credit Card Rates Are Too High

According to CNBC, the current average credit card interest rate is 17.61 percent. At such a high-interest rate, it is not possible for most consumers to do more than service the interest rate every month.

In fact, CNBC found that almost a quarter of all people who carry debt expect that they will die a debtor. These types of interest rates are excessive and have kept many consumers from experiencing any financial recovery from the last recession.

One Key is to Lower Your Interest Rates and Payments

If you can significantly lower the interest rate you are paying, you will be able to make a greater payment on the principal each month.

How a Debt Consolidation Loan Can Help

A debt consolidation loan combines all of your high-interest, credit card debt into one personal loan with a lower interest rate and one payment each month. Your credit cards are paid in full with the loan proceeds. Then, rather than having payments that mostly pay the interest each month, you will be paying a greater portion of the principal each time.

Your debt consolidation loan will have a pay-off date, unlike your credit cards, which you may never have been able to pay off. The term of the debt consolidation loan is usually a few to several years. At the end of the loan term, if you have successfully made all of the payments, you will be free of the former credit card debt.

Additional Guidelines

During the pay-down period for your debt consolidation loan, you will need to be very careful and disciplined so that you don’t fall into the trap of amassing more debt. For this reason, there are a few guidelines you need to follow during the repayment period of your debt consolidation loan in order to make a full financial recovery.

Create a Budget

In order for debt consolidation to be successful, you will need to make a budget and carefully stick to it. A key is to make the payments on your debt consolidation loan as well as saving up money for a rainy-day fund. You need to create a space in your budget where you are putting money aside for annual expenses, auto repairs, and maintenance and other expenses that do not occur monthly. This should be easier to do because the debt consolidation loan will likely be a lower monthly payment than you were making to the credit card issuer.

The idea during the repayment period is to get on a strong fiscal keel and to stay there.

Reduce Expenses

Likely, when you look at your budget, you will find expenses that you can do without for a while, maybe forever. Some people think they can’t survive without their daily Starbucks, cable television or other subscription services. The truth is that their budget cannot likely survive these expenses. These daily and monthly expenses eat a hole in your monthly budget.

Whatever expenses you can eliminate will make it easier to begin to set money aside for the larger expenses that are not anticipated.

Put the Credit Cards Away

During this repayment period, you need to leave your credit cards at home in a drawer. Don’t use them unless you can pay the balance in full at the end of the month. Otherwise, you will risk getting deeper into debt.

Approached with care, a debt consolidation loan can help someone awash in high-interest credit card debt emerge into fiscal stability. Call us at Wink Capital with any questions you have about debt consolidation loans

Tuck Associates Shares Three Questions to Ask When Your Credit Score Drops

Noticing an unexpected credit score drop can cause someone to temporarily despise the financial system in the U.S. For those who might be working on rebuilding their credit, the feelings of hatred and anger are much stronger. Fortunately, there is always a way to reverse a reduction in someone’s credit score. Not to mention that many of them reverse on their own after a few weeks go by. To determine the best course of action for each situation, people must ask the following three questions.

Did I Use Credit Cards to Pay for Items?

According to the company that specializes in debt consolidation, Tuck Associates, the number one reason for credit score drops is an increase in utilization. When people go from never using their credit cards to suddenly paying with them for everything, their utilization will no longer be zero percent. Due to various spending limits, however, everyone’s new percentage will be different. The higher that the utilization goes, the lower the credit score will be. Fortunately, usage is one of the categories that often fixes itself. When a person starts using their credit cards for the first time, their credit will need some time to adapt to the new debt. If they maintain a consistent pattern of purchases and keep the utilization rate under 30 percent, the credit score will eventually rise.

Did I Forget to Make a Payment?

Late payments on any liability will immediately reduce the credit score. Unlike utilization, bouncing back from a missed deadline may take a long time. The reason why is that there is no “adjustment” period for someone who forgot to pay their bills. Instead, the overall consistency will go down, and it might take a few years to bring the percentage of timely repayments back up. This is why people who have multiple deadlines for their liabilities should remain proactive by covering all of the expenditures long before the due date.

Did I Close Any of My Accounts?

When people close their largest or oldest credit account, they seldom consider the effects on their credit score. In most cases, there will be a noticeable drop in points. While it may sound counterintuitive, two perfectly logical reasons explain why this situation ensues. Closing the oldest account will considerably reduce the average age of someone’s credit. Lower age will translate to a lower credit score. Closing the largest account will have a similar effect as the utilization rate goes up. Consider, for instance, a person that has 5 credit cards with a total spending power of $20,000 and a current debt of $6,000. If their largest account has a spending limit of $10,000, closing that account will increase the overall utilization rate from 30 percent ($6,000 divided by $20,000) to 60 percent ($6,000 divided by $10,000). Even though there is no new spending, the new usage percentage is twice as high, and the credit score subsequently plummets.

In case that none of these questions resolve the mystery, people should check if new collections were filed against them. Circumventing them, however, is borderline impossible because most collection disputes have an unfavorable outcome. Luckily, learning from the aforementioned questions from Tuck Associates can help avoid major credit issues, especially when it comes to large point deductions

Keel Associates Shares The Best Books to Read if You’re In Debt

Being heavily in debt is absolutely frightening. Often, debtors are unaware of their legal rights and feel as though there is nowhere to turn. Sadly, due to the double-digit, credit card interest rates that are common these days, people find it next to impossible to dig their way out of debt. Also, many people are saddled with medical bills and student loan debt. It saps a person’s ability to carry on with a normal life, such as marrying or buying a home.

At Keel Associates, a firm that specializes in helping people overcome debt problems, we realize that people will need our services as well as some good books for both moral support and legal advice. The following are some of our favorites.

“Solve Your Money Troubles: Strategies to Get Out of Debt and Stay That Way” – Seventeenth Edition by Amy Loftsgordon and Cara O’Neill

We are big fans of Nolo Press. They don’t come up much in the New York Times Best Seller List, but they are a company that specializes in showing average people how to defend themselves legally. Their books are often longer and usually are filled with sample letters and legal briefs. Also, you have access to the updated information online when the laws change. This one is no exception.

The book is almost 400 pages in length and includes sample letters to creditors and budgeting worksheets. Online additional information includes podcasts and financial calculators. This book will help you wherever you are in your debt issue, such as:

  • Budgeting
  • Dealing with collectors
  • Prioritizing debts
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Dealing with foreclosures, garnishments and repossessions
  • Reducing student loan monthly payments
  • Responding to lawsuits by creditors
  • Rebuilding your credit
  • Weighing bankruptcy as an option

The 17th edition has added information about the new student loan payment options, new foreclosure prevention options and updated information on debts and individual states. The book costs less than $20 on Amazon!

“Your Money or Your Life” by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

According to U.S. News, if you are looking for more of an inspirational book, Dominguez and Robin help you change your thinking and really examine if your current spending habits support the life you prefer. The goal of the book is not to turn you into the world’s most severe penny-pincher. Rather, the book is to help you determine if your spending is leading to the lifestyle and goals that really feel nurturing, life enhancing and bring you personal joy.

“The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey

According to NerdWallet, if you are looking for a book that is both motivational and provides you the all of the steps to move successfully through debt repayment, Ramsey’s book is worth a look.

“Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath

U.S. News suggests that Switch is a good book for someone who has a behavioral issue with impulsive spending. The Heaths help people figure out what portions of their thinking support positive behavioral change and what parts do not. For example, maybe rationally you realize you should not spend so much money at the mall or on Amazon, but spending has been filling an emotional vacuum in your life. The Heaths teach people how to align the emotional and rational thinking into supporting your financial goals.

As you can see, books on debt relief can help you focus upon the legal issues, the psychological issues or the actual steps in paying off debt. At Keel Associates, we are also here to help you with your debt problems. Call us today with any questions you have

A Vaccine for Cat Allergies is Closer than You Think: What’s Next

Researchers have developed a long awaited cat allergy vaccine. The allergy is known to cause effects like sneezing, eye irritation, nasal congestion, skin rashes, and general unease among cat lovers. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reveals that 10% of Americans are allergic to cats and other furry pets. According to Medical Daily, a firm called Hypocat has developed an allergy vaccine that aims to combat cat allergy.

The Swiss based research company pointed that the new vaccine is different from the commonly used treatments based on immunotherapies. The vaccine is given directly to cats and not humans. News about the breakthrough vaccine was revealed recently by the HypoPet AG Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Gary Jennings. Once administered, the vaccine fights a protein known as Fel d1 that is resident in the cat’s saliva and tears.

When a cat licks itself, it essentially spreads the Fel d1 protein allergen over its fur. The protein then spreads into the air, where it is picked by the human nasal cavity. The Hypocat vaccine produces lots of antibodies that binds and defuses the Fel d1 allergen in cats. Once it finally becomes available, the vaccine will help prevent allergic reactions and associated symptoms like nasal congestion, skin rashes and even asthma.

The test carried out at the HypoPet laboratories involved 50 cats. Each cat was given 3 doses of the vaccine in a trial that lasted 9 weeks. During the analysis, all test animals experienced increased antibody levels and developed an immune response capable of repulsing the causative allergen. The study also noted the presence of low Fel d1 in the vaccinated cat’s saliva and tears. No negative long term effects were recorded during the study.

Away from the laboratory, tests conducted on cats living with people have also shown remarkable results. Following the success of the vaccine, Forbes magazine reports that HypoPet AG is seeking to register the studies and have it tabled before US and European food and drugs regulators for final approval. This means cat owners will wait for a few years before buying or ordering the vaccine.

The complete details of the vaccine are published in the highly respected Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. This is not the first study concerning cat allergy vaccination, but it is one of the most provocative since it’s not administered to humans. Past studies about cat allergies have been published in journals like Immunity, Inflammation and Disease and the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

One of the research centers at the forefront of allergy studies and treatment is the Dublin, Ohio based Premier Allergy and Asthma. The center has an experienced team of medical experts and the clinical infrastructure to deal with stubborn allergies. Premier Allergy and Asthma employ about 100 experts in its treatment centers across the US. The experts are committed to its core value of integrity, innovation and service excellence.

For the employees, Premier Allergy ranks as one of the most preferred asthma research, treatment and care centers in Ohio due to factors like favorable work-life balance, job security, attractive compensation and accommodating work culture. For treatment and general information, simply call or visit the treatment center website for immediate assistance

Helpful Advice For Those Going Through a Divorce

Whether you’ve been married for just a few months or several years, divorce is hard on everyone. When there are children involved, the level of complication only rises exponentially. Regardless of whether there was a major betrayal involved or a couple just simply “grew apart” over the years, divorces can quickly and easily become messy, complicated, highly emotional affairs. No divorce is ever truly easy but there are certainly ways to make things more or less complicated. Here are four tips for those going through a divorce.

1. Consult an attorney early on

Too many couples assume that consulting a divorce lawyer is, in and of itself, the death knell of their marriage. Contrary to popular opinion, however, most divorce lawyers would rather see a marriage repaired than severed. In fact, many couples that consult an attorney end up discovering that fixing their marital problems may, in fact, be a far simpler solution than getting a divorce. The sooner you consult a divorce attorney, the more you know what your options are and the better you can plan the course of action that is right for you.

2. Set good boundaries

Even the most amicable divorces will inevitably pull up a dizzying array of emotions. Going through a divorce is essentially the polar opposite of falling in love. The emotions involved in separating are every bit as strong and confusing, but they are often painful. It can be easy to want to lash out in pain one minute and then think you are making a huge mistake the next. All of which your spouse is going through at the same time. The important thing is to not act on sudden impulses as they come. Setting good boundaries can help you keep from acting impulsively and then regretting it later. As much as possible, any communication during this time should happen between divorce lawyers or other trusted intermediaries or in the presence of adult third parties such as family therapists or parenting coordinators.

3. Take time for self-care

Again, no matter how amicable a divorce may be, it is still a painful ending. As strange as it may seem, eating a healthy diet, getting lots of good exercises and spending time with family and friends will go a long way towards helping you ease the pain and work through painful emotions. Sleep may be difficult at times but doing your best to get plenty of rest will also help carry you through this painful time.

4. Explore your options

There are a wide range of services available to divorcing couples these days, as well as different options for severing your marriage. Parenting coordinators can help couples maintain good boundaries by working as an intermediary to help couples keep from unconsciously making their children pawns in their divorce. A collaborative divorce can also help make the severing of legal ties more amicable. A collaborative divorce is a negotiation process that takes place between the couple. Rather than having the court simply make arbitrary binding decisions, collaborative divorces are more like a custom-made divorce created by the couple. This allows them to create a plan that best meets the unique and individual needs of their family.

The tools you use to sever a marriage will determine how much pain and anguish is involved. If you try and sever it with dull tools like a butter knife, you will simply prolong the agony. Using a sharp saw to sever the tie will result in a faster and more painless procedure. Tampa divorce attorneys can help you sever your legal ties with the least amount of pain and anguish possible

Second City Advisors Discusses The Worst Type of Debt to Have in 2019

There are many worrying and troublesome types of debt in the United States today. Millions of Americans are burdened by credit card or medical debt. They lead to thousands of bankruptcies and countless sleepless nights every year. But one form of debt, student loan debt, maybe the worst of all. This type of debt is often present at high numbers and, most importantly, it has a special status during bankruptcy proceedings.

Student loan debt status in bankruptcy

One of the scariest aspects of student loan debt is the fact that it cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Almost all other forms of debt are subject to default in a bankruptcy proceeding. Bankruptcy is rarely a positive development and can cause many problems for an individual’s life. But the nature of bankruptcy means that most debts a person incurs can disappear if their finances grow too dire.

Bankruptcy is a safety valve that can bring some sort of peace and security as an individual lives their life and sorts out their finances. Student loan debt, on the other hand, will almost always follow an individual around. It can lead to wage garnishment and the loss of tax refunds. This process makes student loan debt different in kind from other forms of debt. It has the possibility to ruin a person’s life for decades with no end in sight.


Another reason why student loan debt is the worst type of debt is that it is often present in high amounts. For many jobs and universities, individuals are required to take out tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Some law schools require a quarter of a million dollars to make it through all three years. Amounts are astronomical and are growing every year. They also leave an individual in an unfortunate situation if they do not end up graduating.

For instance, the average job with an undergraduate degree often pays around $48,000 per year. An individual could pay $1,000 per month towards their student loans with some difficulty. People with $200,000 of student loan debt would, therefore, have to pay that $1,000 per month for over 16 years with no intervening money crises. This calculation does not take into account the fees, interest payments, and potential penalties that come along with every student loan.

How to handle it

Anyone who currently has student loan debt needs to first assess their finances. They need to figure out how much debt they have and how paying off that debt would affect their routine finances. Then, they need to make a plan for paying off that debt and see how long it would take them. If they are unsatisfied by their findings, an individual with student loan debt needs to seek out the services of an advisor such as those at Second City Advisors. These advisors will help individuals set a budget and get counseling help to deal with their debt issues.


People with student loan debt should not panic. They do not need to fret about default or never being able to make a payment. Instead, they need to set a plan and find a partner such as Second City Advisors who will help them reach their goals. A competent partner is the main asset that most people who can shake off student loan debt have at one point or another