10 Web Dev Trends That Will Shape 2018

David Lubbat

As we enter 2018, it’s a good opportunity to take a moment to reflect on the web development trends of 2017, and set expectations for 2018. As we consider recent designs and developments, there are a few trends that are likely to gain traction in 2018, and we’ll explore ten of them below.

1) Asymmetrical Grids

In 2017, split screen designs were extremely popular, but this trend seems to be dying down as asymmetrical grids rise to prominence. Web designers are now dividing pages using text and space as opposed to symmetry. For more on this trend, click here.

2) The Rise of Vue JS

Vue JS has been around since 2014 but is expected to play a large role in 2018. It is a fast, lightweight framework created by just one person. It is already being used by big players like Expedia and Nintendo. For more on Vue JS, click here.

3) Artificial Intelligence

Many people are excited about the rise of artificial intelligence, and 2018 may very well be the year AI gains mainstream popularity. According to David Lubbat, a highly respected blogger and writer, AI could very well live up to its potential – and much sooner than we think. He goes on to point out that directors are already using artificial intelligence in almost every stage of creating a Hollywood film. For information regarding the background of David Lubbat, click here.

4) Better Compatibility with Extensions

The use of browser extensions has led to much success for the major browsers like Chrome and Firefox. However, many extensions are only developed to be used on one type of browser. For example, a Firefox extension cannot be used on Chrome. In 2018, expect to see many extensions being run on different browsers. For more on this trend, click here.

5) Real-Time Web Apps

Although real-time web apps have been around for a number of years now, they are starting to gain a lot of traction – which can lead to tremendous growth in 2018. This is because consumers are now used to sharing information instantly and desire fast interactions, which is exactly what real-time web apps provide. Real-time web apps are the apps that give you notifications in real time as things like scores or comments change. To learn more about them, click here.

6) Cyber Crime

As things rise in popularity for the right reasons, there will always be those that use it for the wrong reasons. In comes cybercrime. Cybercrime is currently a six billion dollar criminal existence. Nearly half of these types of attacks target small and medium-sized businesses, and it is projected these attacks will cost business owners and consumers over six trillion dollars by 2021. With that being said, cybercrime will definitely continue to rise in 2018, and you should be sure to have up to date anti-virus software on all of your devices. For more on cybercrime, click here.

7) Mobile Solidifies Itself at the Top

2017 marked the year where mobile web browsing became the norm over using computers. This ratio will only continue to tip the scale in favor of mobile in 2018. In order to make websites better for those experiencing them on mobile devices, expect load faster, are created for smaller screens, and designed for touchscreens. For more on the role, mobile will play in web development, click here.

8) Color Schemes

It seems as though minimal color schemes of greyscale or black and white have been the norm for quite some time now. However, expect this to change in 2018 as vibrant colors are on the rise. This is in due part to the last point, as vibrant colors look and function better on mobile. For more on the bright colors, we can expect in 2018, click here.

9) Voice User Interface

As voice assistants such as Siri and Bixby have gained recent popularity, the demand for voice assistants is expected to be in higher demand. This could mean we see voice assistants play a role on PC and other platforms in 2018. For more on this trend, click here.

10) Security

Last, but not least, is security, which is sure to rise as cybercrime rises. This is especially helpful as SEO algorithms now include security to improve ranking, so website owners now have even more incentive to improve their security features. For more on this, click here.

There is something for everyone in the web development trends expected for 2018. From AI to new web page standards, it seems there will be major shifts to improve everyone’s experience.

Karl Jobst Grove OK

How Dentist’s Can Bring in New Clients Like a Boss This Year

Karl Jobst Grove OK

If you’re like most professionals in the dental field, you undoubtedly want to bring in more patients to your practice. After all, it’s a new year, so what better time to make positive improvements to your practice?

Fortunately, there are a lot of great tips you can use to reach your goals this year and to have more clients than ever before.

Update Your Website

As Karl Jobst Grove OK dentist knows, a strong website is definitely key to bringing in new clients.

When patients visit a practice website, they’ll take notice, in a bad way, if it is old, outdated, or run down. Those things reflect poorly on your practice and may cause the patient to look into other options.

So, if your website is not “up to par,” it’s a good idea to have it professionally updated. Hire an SEO firm to do the job for you. Such a firm can help your practice to appear higher in local search results and can improve the image people get of your practice from its website.

Advertise Regularly

Something else that can really be helpful, as Karl Jobst, a very successful dentist, knows, is to advertise your practice very regularly in a wide range of ways.

Whether you want to put a commercial on television, send out fliers, or do some combination of both of these things, the key is to advertise your practice consistently and repeatedly. Don’t worry about “annoying” potential clients with your advertising.

Your repetition can actually be helpful by allowing your practice to stick in the minds of potential patients, making it more likely they will choose your practice when the time comes.

Be Understanding

Something that Karl Jobst Grove OK really excels at is putting his patients at ease and trying to understand their concerns. If you look at his marketing material, most of it is patient-centered. It seeks to address the fears and worries of patients and to put them at ease.

You want your marketing content to accomplish these same things. All your content should sound as understanding and as patient-focused as possible. Of course, you can’t just market that way; you also have to be that way and to treat all of your patients with respect and care.

If you can do those things, though, your practice should grow in powerful ways.

As you can see, there is a lot to be learned from Karl Jobst and from other professional dentists who excel at marketing. By following these tips, though, and continuing to learn and grow, your practice should grow as well.

An Overview of the Best DIY Tax Softwares for the Self Employed

As April 15th nears, filing taxes is going to be one of the most popular topics around the United States. And rightly so. After all, there are not many things in life as certain as the IRS and tax returns, which why any income earned must be reported and lawfully taxed. For those who are self-employed, estimated at over 10 million, the entire endeavor gets a little more complicated. This is because of things like the self-employment tax, quarterly prepayments, health insurance deduction, expense justification, and much more. Nevertheless, financial services and people like Rusty Tweed can make this process very bearable as they bridge the gap between tax filing and unfamiliar citizens.

Generally, there are two ways to file. This involves a hard-copy submission that gets mailed to the IRS as well as a more timely resolution like filing online. So, what are some of the best, do-it-yourself tax software for completing the necessary obligation?

1. Turbo Tax

Turbo Tax is arguably the most popular method of filing taxes regardless of status. It enables simple paper scanning by reference numbers that convert all hard copies of W2s or 1099s into digital documents. People who would like to obtain the software can easily purchase it online or at stores like Walmart. Some of its most recognized benefits praised by millions of repeat customers include industry-specific deductions that Turbo Tax looks for, automatic credits considerations, additional guidance for complicated matters, refund tracking, asset depreciation, and nonstop error checking. On top of this, people can additionally obtain real-time advising from a certified Turbo Tax professional that can guide someone step-by-step through their return.

2. H&R Block

One of the biggest differences between Turbo Tax and H&R Block is 12,000 locations that H&R Block runs across the nation. This means that someone who begins filing their self-employed return and gets stuck due to unforeseen difficulties can seek out professional help in person. Furthermore, it is one of the few financial services that can offer online “Worry-Free Audit Support”. People who purchase this feature will get a professional that can guide them through a hypothetical audit or even represent them in a real one. Price-wise, it is very competitive with Turbo Tax and possesses many of the options mentioned above. One interesting differentiation includes four categories that people can choose from, depending on how difficult their return is. Those with simple streams of revenues and straightforward expenses can go with basic, while an investor who has numerous gains, expenses, sales, depreciable assets, and so on, can choose the premium software.

3. Tax Slayer

As with the previous two, Tax Slayer offers an online interface that can facilitate e-filing. People who decide to try this option will have access to all the necessary schedules that are explained in great detail. This is a useful tool especially since forms like Schedule C must be filled out to recognize any business income or loss. It further showcases previous-year return for comparison purposes, which is something that almost every software does nowadays. Besides the e-mail and phone support, it has a deduction guide that can explain why a business is entitled to subtract certain amounts. Lastly, one of the most obvious benefits of it is that the payment can be made once someone is satisfied. Unlike with Turbo Tax and H&R Block, Tax Slayer can be used for free until the potential buyer is confident in the return and wants to submit it.

4. Tax Act

The last product that matches the price and capabilities of the three other software mentioned thus far is Tax Act. Individuals can opt to let the company handle any IRS correspondence once their return is filed. Furthermore, there is a feature called “Audit Defense” that serves to protect people from any credit denials or fraud allegations. Its price lock guarantee is one of its unique powers, which enables people to pay exactly how much their original offer was showing. Another notable characteristic is a $100,000 accuracy guarantee protecting customers from any calculation errors.

In reality, someone would have to be an expert on the level of Rusty Tweed to recognize all the small differences between these four software. Their bottom line purpose is to help the average, non-CPA folks file a tax return that will require a minimum payment or provide the maximum refund. Certainly, some have perks that make them stand out, but people can prioritize these as they see fit. After all, a person who is profoundly familiar with the United States tax code, for example, should not classify the software by the best customer chat support as they will probably not use it. Also, buying the software and learning how to utilize it can be treated as an investment since people are likely to use the same outlet for many years to come!

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