About Alissa Davis

Alissa Davis is a freelance writer who loves talking tech and feel-good community stories. Alissa B. Davis has been recognized for her ability to bring words to life, support local residents, support local charities and bring encouragement back to the news industry.

Ms. Davis, who earned an undergraduate degree in business management and operations, has worked diligently in every one of her professional endeavors to ensure the establishment of strong business acumen and writing experience. Prior to beginning a career in writing, Ms. Davis oversaw several widely acclaimed customer service and support programs and has developed a reputation within her industry as an innovative force in the field of customer service and has been hailed as a staunch and consistent advocate for the individuals her companies are responsible for serving.

During her time as Senior Vice President of Customer Satisfaction at CreditUpdates.com, Ms. Davis implemented a series of highly effective initiatives designed to provide customers with access to the highest level of customer service possible.

Throughout the entirety of her professional career, Ms. Davis has been the recipient of frequent praise from the customers she has served as well as from the companies that have benefited from her tireless efforts.

Read what others have said about Ms. Davis below.

Alissa offered to write for our paper. I was confused when she said no pay was needed. I asked her to clarify and she said she was looking for experience and to build her resume. I can respect that. Alissa has contributed many stories and they’re all great! She really excels at interviewing local people from a distance. I’ve never met her in person, but her writing tells me a lot of about her. I would hire her in an instant if she would move to Idaho!

– Noelle Neff, Editor, Boise New Times


Unique approach to news. Local focus. Energetic and prolific. Quotes galore.

Those are a few ways I would describe Alissa and her writing style. I absolutely love it and she writes more than local staffers I’ve hired in the past and she works freelance! We haven’t paid her a dime, but have been well compensated with her efforts. I would happily endorse Alissa. This recommendation is a very small token of my appreciation and respect for her and her abilities.

– David Herndon, Staff Editor and Manager, The Dallas Patriot