Andrew Charlton

How Technology Affects Jobs and Wages

Andrew Charlton
In the 21st-century, we have been promised the rise of automation and artificial intelligence will bring a changing job market to the world where the wealth available will spread throughout communities where new technologies are embraced. Andrew Charlton of the AlphaBeta Advisors group reports his company has recently completed a study for Google exploring the effects of automation on the Australian economy in terms of wages and employment in the coming decades. There is much enthusiasm for the potential changes being created to the traditional working day by automation as artificial intelligence makes it easier to complete both simple and complex tasks without the interference of human beings.

Is Automation challenging the future of work?

This is the question which has been posted for decades as the development of Artificial Intelligence has grown in importance for many business leaders who are looking for the best ways of becoming as efficient as possible in the work being completed on their behalf. The Harvard Business Review looked back at the history of innovation over the last two hundred years and identified the fact the current climate of technological development was not any different to the development seen in the last two hundred years.

In fact, the Harvard Business Review believes the current climate of technological change was similar to that seen by former farm laborers in the 19th-century when electrification of the developed world led to a change in the way the majority worked. The current fears of falling wages and mass unemployment were also feared in the 19th-century as the industrial revolution led to a changing climate of employment; a similar fate could be seen in the coming decades with a difficult time for many manufacturing and low-skilled workers should be followed by a period of employment growth and sustained levels of higher wages in the coming years.

Regulation could be key

In the past, the rise of automation has been limited to the elimination of low-skilled jobs which have soon been replaced by new careers for those who are seeking employment. A similar fate could well befall many who will need to be retrained with new areas of education becoming important for government agencies to explore; a further issue many fear could cause major issues is the role of automation in traditionally middle-class positions such as lawyers and medical professionals who may see much of their work done by AI machines in the future.

The Guardian reports the Institute for Public Policy Research is seeking to engage with government agencies around the world to develop new ways of regulating the introduction of AI in a way which will not cause mass unemployment of loss of wages at any level. The elimination of roles in a variety of sectors will result in the need for employment and training to take place in a range of areas and new ways of making sure the wealth created does not result in a growing gap between rich and poor.

Australia stands as an example of former failures

Australia is often seen as one of the leading members of the developed world with a growing economy which is allowing the people of the nation to prosper in the last few decades. However, Andrew Charlton and AlphaBeta Advisors believe the mistakes of the past must be avoided when automation moves ever closer in many different industrial areas.

AlphaBeta Advisors explains there is a lack of investment from major companies in Australia where only nine percent of publicly traded companies are making major investments in AI. Other issues identified by AlphaBeta include the need for greater training being needed for Australian low-skilled workers who have lost their jobs at a rate of one in every ten over the last 25 years; one in four of those who have lost their jobs have not returned to the Australian workforce.

Education will be needed

According to AlphaBeta and Andrew Charlton, the need for education is important in Australia and around the world as changes to the way work is completed require more education for workers. The Harvard Business Review states earlier issues with technology being introduced during the Industrial Revolution were solved by employers looking to invest in a workforce which include many employees eager to learn to further their careers.

Earlier changes to employment in the late 20th-century saw coal miners and mill workers move into call centers and warehouses which show how the employment sector evolves over time. The introduction of automated technology into all sectors will result in the possibility of employers growing richer with a reduced workforce. At this point, it is important for government agencies to invest in new technologies and education for the next generation of workers who will enter a much-changed workforce.

5 Tips For Starting Your Own Online Business

Woman With Computer
Starting an online business can be stressful if you’re not prepared for the unique challenges of running a business digitally. Start off on the right foot by knowing what to expect, and the same business can be a source of fun and income.

Perhaps you have been getting sick of your 9-5 job. Or maybe you would want some extra income on the side. You’ve heard about how others experienced success online, so why can’t you? Having an online business is a great opportunity for you to start something that can bring you part-time income, or even full-time if you wish to scale it. According to successful entrepreneur Chrissy Weems, here are some benefits of starting your own online business:

  • Flexibility in your schedule – starting your own business online means you have the chance to work whenever and wherever. Since you don’t have a brick and mortar location, you can access your business as long as you have your computer and the internet.
  • Easy entry point – nowadays, it is very easy to start an online business. Whether you plan to sell physical products, digital products, or offer your services, you usually only need minimal capital.
  • Do what you love – do you have a special interest such as baking, crafts, or giving advice to people? You can definitely make a business out of your passions.

If you’re thinking about striking off on your own and starting an online business, there are some things you need to consider before starting. Chrissy Weems gives us actionable advice before starting an online business.

Five Awesome Tips For Starting Your Business Online


  1. Define your target audience

Before starting your online business, it is important to take note who the business is for. Are they soon to be mothers? Are they outdoor people? Defining your target audience will make it easier for you to create or source your products, plus it will help you to have a specialization in your business. Look at it this way: let’s say you want to have a haircut. Would you choose to go to a salon, or a beauty supply store? You would be more comfortable going to a specialized place such as a salon to take care of your needs. The same can be said about an online business. Defining your audience gives you a better focus and direction.

  1. Learn some basics of building a website or how to market in social media

If you want to start an online business, it is important to have some form of social media presence. This could be in the form of building your own website or having a business social media account. Many women in business may find themselves stuck on this stage as they appear to be overwhelmed by the technicalities that making a website brings. You can either search for blogs online, find YouTube tutorials, or if you are feeling more advanced, you can also look for Udemy courses about how to make stunning website pages for your business.

  1. Understand some digital marketing strategies

Knowing the basics is enough–you don’t have to necessarily know it all. Once you have your products or services ready, you will be needing to promote them. However, promotion online is different from traditional marketing. With traditional marketing, you have to pitch clients within your network, send out as many print ads and flyers, or even find a spot on the radio or TV to promote your business. Online marketing has changed the game. One of the best ways to market your business is to start an online blog, promote through social media advertisements, make videos, or post various forms of multimedia content on your social pages. Once you get the hang of online marketing, you are sure to find more leads for your business.

  1. The 80-20 rule in online business

Another valuable tip that a lot of online entrepreneurs learn over time is to always test what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, a product may not be selling as well as expected. In other instances, a product that we do not expect to gain attention is now generating numerous sales. In accordance with the 80-20 rule, you will typically see 20% of your products account for 80% of your sales, much the same way the top 20% of your customers often account for 80% of your income. It is helpful to look at these trends and see which ones are working for your online business or not. They are clues to help you speed up toward success.

  1. Always be consistent

Just like in traditional business, consistency is key. Whether it’s in the quality of your products or services, producing promotional content, or connecting to your audience, you need to be consistent. It may be helpful to work on a weekly, monthly and yearly schedule. Though schedules eventually change over time, you get to have an overview of your tasks and this will help you prioritize what you need.

Starting an online business is definitely not just a pipe dream. With enough passion, consistency, and determination, you can succeed whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or not.


JMD Furniture

11 Nest Compatible Products That Will Make Your Home Smart

JMD Furniture

If you have been looking for ways to make your home smarter, you have many technological options that will serve your needs to help you achieve your goal. But the biggest challenge is in choosing products that are perfectly compatible in a manner that allows you to sync various functions.

Here are 11 you should know about.

  1. Google Home

Google Home allows you to activate your virtual personal assistant and can request adjustments to various parameters like temperature. It easily syncs with Nest features like thermostat settings to ensure your home temperatures are controlled by the clock. It is the most effective way to ensure your home temperature is regulated well, remotely.

  1. Philips Hue

This is a smart light bundle that connects to different Nest products including the Nest Cam as well as thermostats within the home. It also helps in the control of lights so when you get back home the system does it automatically depending on the settings you provide.

  1. SkyBell

The SkyBell features an HD video doorbell that is connected over Wi-Fi to allow you to see who is at your door. It is able to detect when you set the settings to Away meaning you are not within the home, and this ensures recording of activities is done so intruders can be seen later. While you are out, the SkyBell will record all activities happening within the home so you can easily tell who visited.

  1. Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a device you need to simplify many tasks you have to do every day. It is compatible with different databases and components of your home like cameras to help you maintain an eye on what is going on around the home even while away. The gadget also handles commands that allow you to book hotels, search for Uber cabs, and you can listen to music as well as make voice calls without the need to touch the device.

  1. Logitech Harmony Remote

Like many other smart home devices, the Logitech Harmony Remote works seamlessly with your Nest thermostat to help you control temperatures around the home. It also switches to cooling mode whenever you want and this is instant.

  1. Misfit

The Misfit product works through location settings and is connected to Nest to ensure when you leave your home it updates the settings of your camera system as well as the thermostat to Away. The device is worn on the wrist like a watch and can update information about where you are and the things you are up to.

  1. Febreze Home

To make your home smell better, you could get the Febreze Home. The device is designed to communicate with the thermostat so when the air conditioner is turned on it sends scent around the home. You could even control it from a mobile app to set the intensity of the scent.

  1. Kevo Smart Lock

This is a device designed to offer unique personalization when you are on Nest. It is able to recognize whose key opens the house and can, therefore, adjust the temperature based on the settings the person has provided. When you lock a door using the smart lock, it sends a signal you are leaving and updates other features like the monitoring system and thermostat.

  1. Mimo

For those with small babies, you might need Mimo as it helps you check the temperature of the toddler and any information logged is communicated to your smartphone. It will advise you on the temperature of the baby so you can change the temperature settings to ensure the baby enjoys a perfect environment.

  1. Lutron

The Lutron works together with Nest to help you choose from different window shades, outlets, and switches. It connects with the Nest thermostat to automatically adjust temperature around your home and there is a place that allows you to update your Home and Away settings. It also comes with a lighting kit that you can connect to your smart lighting system to adjust lighting automatically.

  1. Sleep Number SleepIQ

You also need a smart bed. This device will analyze the temperature around the bed as well as other settings to determine your sleep quality. It then helps you to adjust settings to achieve a better sleep quality. Most importantly, it comes with a system that gives you suggestions about the ideal temperature for sleeping soundly, so if you would like to retire soundly each day this is your answer.

Author Bio: This post is brought to you by JMD Furniture.

Saleh Stevens

Bitcoin May Vanish but Blockchain Has An Amazing Future

Saleh Stevens

The true essence of technology started centuries ago when cross-breeding animals and cross-fertilizing plants changed the way we hunted animals and farmed vegetables. The growth in agricultural output meant that the same principle could change how we performed in other areas, and that is how our civilization started.

Today, our lives have changed in ways our ancestors cannot fathom how far we have grown. We are in the era of digitization where everything is being translated into digital data for numerous purposes. Some of us might be reading this from a tablet or a smartphone. Although we have seen that we are far ahead when it comes to technology, the truth is that it is just beginning. There is going to a paradigm shift across all sectors of business and Saleh Stevens knows it is going to happen in the near future.

Impact of bitcoin and blockchain

In 2017, we saw the impact of blockchain and how bitcoin affected the shares of the stock market company Crypto Company, whose shares jumped 2,000% in a brief moment. And in another instance, the Long Island Iced Tea Corp announced that its name was changing to Long Blockchain Corp, and its shares went up 500%.

In the wake of 2017, bitcoin’s price was at $1,000, but by December, the price was at $19,000. This wild ride that is similar to the financial bubble we experienced a decade ago has caught the eye of investors. Anything that captures the mind of humanity brings out the animal nature in us, and that is how blockchain and cryptocurrencies have done.

What is blockchain?

The blockchain is the new technology that is competing with the internet because of its potential of changing everything. To dive into blockchain briefly, “blocks” are divided into numerous bundles or data that are in constant communication with each other, so that each block’s content is easily identified throughout the chain; but the owner of each block has the digital key to access the information.

That does not help, right? Miners who are companies and single algorithm writers across the world create the blocks. There is no mediation from the government, and there is no permission for creating blocks to be added to the chain. Blockchain promises freedom, the way the internet promised it when it was beginning.

Blockchain policies itself. For instance, if someone wants to launch a data exchange without following protocols, other blocks will immediately spot it, and the transaction will be aborted. This is the first of its kind where large data sets are trusted across exchanges without supervision or intermediaries.

The future of blockchain

Just like the way Google, Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook transformed media and communication, insurance companies, public services, and banks are also going to face the same paradigm shift. For instance, the data in the health sector can be uploaded to the blockchain where it can be assessed by the chain, instead of individuals, and the chain can then assess the insurable risk and price it. This brings a challenge to intermediaries.

Banking could be the first casualty of blockchain takeover. For starters, you can use your card to pay for goods because of digitization of cash, although we still have to undergo checks on the bank one is using to validate the transaction before the transaction is complete. When blockchain kicks in, everything will change.

Cryptocurrencies will manage to cross any border within seconds. Blockchain ensures that bitcoin is only spent once. It was first invented by makers of bitcoin to ensure that no fraud was present, that there was no credit or debit card required, and there was no cash limits and no central governing body. All you have to do is to purchase bitcoin from an online broker. Bitcoin can rise or fall in value, but you can use it to make transactions.

The future of bitcoin

Will banks reinvent themselves and use blockchain as a tool? The problem is that bitcoin is not reliable storage of money because its value can cut down in half within a week. Its actually better not to think of bitcoin as a currency, rather, look at it as a commodity that makes faster settlements through blockchain. There is no way bitcoin has a future as a means of payment for the majority of workers across the world.

What the future holds

We are going to see a world where routine functions that are being done across sectors being transferred to artificial intelligence through programs, making blockchain the new way of doing safe business in a shorter time frame. Banks will not have power over the system because the model of blockchain is more effective and efficient. Before we see all this in action, Saleh Stevens recommends that we have to understand this new world we are getting into before it starts to shape us.

6 Of the Most Effective Law Firm Marketing Techniques

Legal marketing is becoming increasingly challenging in the modern day due to factors like insufficient in-house developmental activities, poor marketing practices and inability to connect with millennials, who constitute the fastest growing market segment. Because of the growing interest in online marketing, law firms also need to invest in measurable marketing strategies and pay attention to the quality of content they put up. According to the Answering Legal resource, lawyers and legal marketing professionals can market their firms effectively using:

1. Use mobile telephony to extend your reach
Mobile phones have become a crucial marketing tool in today’s competitive marketplace. In 2015, Google reported that searches emanating from mobile devices surpassed those coming from desktop devices for the first time. When it comes to popular searches from mobile devices, one web traffic study indicated that practice areas like a criminal attorney, personal injury, and employment law form the bulk of traffic.

2. Create a website for your law firm
Getting your law firm to look professionals may not be sufficient enough to convince today’s discerning legal customer. One study suggests that 75% of all legal customers visit law firm websites first before taking any action. A good website should not only be eye-catching, it also needs to be resourceful and articulated to the client’s needs. Besides service advertising, a growing number of attorneys are also tapping into the website resource to process new client information, collect payments and schedule appointments. You can kick-start your online campaign by choosing appropriate legal software with the necessary features and functions.

3. Use online customer service channels
Research has shown that social media messaging, Live Chat and email are among the most popular mode of reaching legal clients, especially the millennials. The messaging channels are effective because they promptly answer customer concerns and offer a perfect platform for building a long-term relationship with customers

4. Take advantage of online reviews
When formulating a marketing plan for your law firm, never ignore online reviews and testimonials, whether negative or positive. Studies have shown that up to 90% of consumers go online to read reviews before visiting a business. In the same breath, close to 88% of customers believe online reviews count just as much as individual recommendations. The reviews have far-reaching implications for any business because they come from real persons and can easily sway the thinking and decisions of other people. The best place to start is encouraging positive reviews on Google reviews since it is the most widely used search engine.

5. Think Facebook and Twitter advertising
Although Facebook has changed the way its algorithms work by placing emphasis on the personal interaction aspect at the expense of aspects like advertising, it still remains a powerful marketing tool for lawyers. However, law firms need to up their social advertising budget by considering more effective routes like promoted content in order to reach more people. Twitter also offers a wide-ranging paid advertisements and steadier marketing results. For instance, law firms can use low premium, Twitter advertising campaigns organized under the Website clicks or conversion platform to stand out, promote more clicks and sharing.

6. Use live phone answering service
When mobile and online marketing efforts have all been implemented, you will require a live voice answering service to direct calls from clients and prospects. You can obtain optimal leverage by joining a legal answering service to ensure all new clients are greeted with a friendly and experienced voice at the help desk.

Marketing your Law firm using visibility networks
The law professional is by most accounts the most crowded field in the US. According to the ABA Journal, the US has over 1.3 million practicing lawyers with another 35,000 joining the workforce annually. Due to this high number, getting your law practice to stand out can be difficult. The prevailing circumstances have forced many lawyers to enlist with marketing companies such as Lawyers of Distinction. The political, private lawyer vanity and marketing group uses proven strategies to help law firms stand out and compete effectively in the crowded market.

The company recognizes more than 20 areas of practice and is present in all the 50 states of the US. Members of Lawyers of Distinction enjoy having their pronouncements and press releases published in print and online in leading publications such as USA Today, CNN, Fox News and the New York Times. Besides the publicity, the other benefits that come with the membership include:
• Exclusive right to use Lawyers of Distinction Logo and other promotional materials
• Access to Facebook membership group, where members exchange information and get referrals in real-time
• Annual membership discounts amounting to $5,000 on select airlines, hotels and taxi services.