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11 Nest Compatible Products That Will Make Your Home Smart

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If you have been looking for ways to make your home smarter, you have many technological options that will serve your needs to help you achieve your goal. But the biggest challenge is in choosing products that are perfectly compatible in a manner that allows you to sync various functions.

Here are 11 you should know about.

  1. Google Home

Google Home allows you to activate your virtual personal assistant and can request adjustments to various parameters like temperature. It easily syncs with Nest features like thermostat settings to ensure your home temperatures are controlled by the clock. It is the most effective way to ensure your home temperature is regulated well, remotely.

  1. Philips Hue

This is a smart light bundle that connects to different Nest products including the Nest Cam as well as thermostats within the home. It also helps in the control of lights so when you get back home the system does it automatically depending on the settings you provide.

  1. SkyBell

The SkyBell features an HD video doorbell that is connected over Wi-Fi to allow you to see who is at your door. It is able to detect when you set the settings to Away meaning you are not within the home, and this ensures recording of activities is done so intruders can be seen later. While you are out, the SkyBell will record all activities happening within the home so you can easily tell who visited.

  1. Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a device you need to simplify many tasks you have to do every day. It is compatible with different databases and components of your home like cameras to help you maintain an eye on what is going on around the home even while away. The gadget also handles commands that allow you to book hotels, search for Uber cabs, and you can listen to music as well as make voice calls without the need to touch the device.

  1. Logitech Harmony Remote

Like many other smart home devices, the Logitech Harmony Remote works seamlessly with your Nest thermostat to help you control temperatures around the home. It also switches to cooling mode whenever you want and this is instant.

  1. Misfit

The Misfit product works through location settings and is connected to Nest to ensure when you leave your home it updates the settings of your camera system as well as the thermostat to Away. The device is worn on the wrist like a watch and can update information about where you are and the things you are up to.

  1. Febreze Home

To make your home smell better, you could get the Febreze Home. The device is designed to communicate with the thermostat so when the air conditioner is turned on it sends scent around the home. You could even control it from a mobile app to set the intensity of the scent.

  1. Kevo Smart Lock

This is a device designed to offer unique personalization when you are on Nest. It is able to recognize whose key opens the house and can, therefore, adjust the temperature based on the settings the person has provided. When you lock a door using the smart lock, it sends a signal you are leaving and updates other features like the monitoring system and thermostat.

  1. Mimo

For those with small babies, you might need Mimo as it helps you check the temperature of the toddler and any information logged is communicated to your smartphone. It will advise you on the temperature of the baby so you can change the temperature settings to ensure the baby enjoys a perfect environment.

  1. Lutron

The Lutron works together with Nest to help you choose from different window shades, outlets, and switches. It connects with the Nest thermostat to automatically adjust temperature around your home and there is a place that allows you to update your Home and Away settings. It also comes with a lighting kit that you can connect to your smart lighting system to adjust lighting automatically.

  1. Sleep Number SleepIQ

You also need a smart bed. This device will analyze the temperature around the bed as well as other settings to determine your sleep quality. It then helps you to adjust settings to achieve a better sleep quality. Most importantly, it comes with a system that gives you suggestions about the ideal temperature for sleeping soundly, so if you would like to retire soundly each day this is your answer.

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