The Director’s Guide To Effective School Management and Improvement

Having a knowledgeable and effective school director is a key ingredient for successful learning environments. A school leader should have the skills to balance competing demands and foster relationships with staff, parents, and students – all while setting the course for future improvement and progress. Sean Monteith explores the role of the School Director as it relates to five essential elements of effective school management: creating an inspirational vision, building an efficient team, improving communication strategies, fostering collaboration and innovation, and enacting sustainable change initiatives. With a focus on directing successful schools, this guide provides actionable advice that administrators can utilize to sustain inspiring outcomes in the classroom and beyond.

Establish A Vision And Goals For The School

Developing a clear and inspirational vision for a school is essential for achieving success and growth. It sets the tone for the school’s culture, drives decision-making, and provides guidance for achieving academic and social objectives. The vision should resonate with the stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, and the wider community) and be realistic yet ambitious. Establishing goals that align with the vision is equally important. The goals should reflect the school’s unique strengths and challenges and be regularly reviewed and adjusted. By having a powerful vision and goals, schools can maintain focus, stay motivated, and achieve great things.

Develop An Action Plan To Reach Those Goals

Developing an action plan is crucial in achieving your goals and aspirations. It’s a roadmap that guides you to take the necessary steps to reach your goals. Instead of merely dreaming about what you want to achieve, creating an action plan helps bring your ideas to life. It offers a clear vision and a sense of direction on how you will go about your journey and what steps must be taken. Through developing an action plan, you will break down your goals into manageable tasks and develop a plan of action that will lead to success. Remember, planning is key, and an action plan is the first step.

Enhance Communication Within The School Community

Effective communication is key to fostering a strong and vibrant school community. When communication is optimized, parents, teachers, and students can all work together to create a safe and inclusive learning environment. One great way to enhance communication within the school community is by using technology. With the help of modern communication tools like email, instant messaging apps, and social media, everyone can stay informed about important updates, school events, and other important news. Another way is to organize regular meetings and workshops. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and has a chance to express their thoughts and ideas. By enhancing communication within the school community, we can promote collaboration and encourage a sense of belonging, which can positively impact students’ academic success and overall well-being.

Foster Professional Growth For All Staff Members

Investing in the professional growth of staff members can lead to a skilled workforce and, in return, improve performance and higher levels of job satisfaction. When employees feel valued and supported in their development, they are more likely to take ownership of their work and proactively seek solutions to challenges. Providing opportunities for ongoing training and mentorship can also help cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. By fostering professional growth for all staff members, organizations can not only enhance their team’s capabilities but also strengthen their overall competitiveness and ability to deliver quality work.

Incorporate Technology Into Everyday Learning

Technology has revolutionized the way we learn today. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier to incorporate it into our daily learning routine. The integration of technology in education has paved the way for diverse and engaging learning experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. Integrating technology not only enhances students’ understanding of concepts but also equips them with the necessary skills for the future. The use of interactive videos, digital textbooks, online quizzes, and other online resources offers learners a more immersive and personalized learning experience. By incorporating technology into everyday learning, students are empowered to become active and autonomous lifelong learners who can leverage technology tools to succeed in all aspects of life.

Utilize Data-Driven Decisions And Strategies

Whether it’s analyzing customer behavior, market trends, or financial performance, utilizing data-driven strategies can uncover valuable insights to drive growth and success. With the right tools and resources, decision-making becomes more informed and strategic, leading to better outcomes and a competitive edge. Harnessing the power of data is essential for staying ahead of the curve and achieving long-term goals.

Implement Effective Student Discipline Procedures

Effective student discipline procedures are important for maintaining a safe and productive learning environment. Well-implemented procedures not only reduce disruptive behavior but also help students learn self-control and social responsibility. Teachers and school staff must work closely with students and parents to establish clear expectations and consequences. This can include behavior contracts, counseling services, and restorative justice practices. It’s also important to ensure that discipline procedures are fair and consistent, avoiding biases or discrimination. When students understand the expectations and consequences, they are more likely to behave appropriately and avoid disruptions that can undermine their learning and that of their peers. With effective discipline procedures, schools can create a positive climate that benefits everyone involved.

Promote A Healthy Learning Environment

Creating a healthy learning environment is crucial for students to thrive and succeed. To do so, it’s important to cultivate a positive and supportive atmosphere where students feel comfortable enough to express themselves and ask questions. This can be achieved through communication, listening, and respecting one another’s ideas and opinions. Additionally, ensuring that classrooms are safe and clean, with proper ventilation and lighting, can help promote overall physical and mental well-being. By prioritizing the health and wellness of our students, we can help them reach their potential and lay the foundation for a lifetime of success.

Encourage Parental Involvement In Students’ Education

Parental involvement in student’s education cannot be overstated in its importance. When parents try to stay involved in their child’s academic journey, it shows the student that their education matters and that they have a support system. This involvement can come in many forms, such as attending parent-teacher conferences, participating in school events, or simply taking an interest in their child’s homework. When parents prioritize their child’s education, it sets a positive example and lays the foundation for academic success. Teachers and schools can also play a role in encouraging parental involvement by creating opportunities for parents to get involved and by communicating clearly with parents about their child’s progress.

Analyze Performance Outcomes And Improve Areas of Weakness

In any field or industry, analyzing performance outcomes is essential to identify the areas that need improvement. It could be anything from production processes to customer service. A thorough analysis of performance outcomes helps you see where you stand and what actions you need to take to enhance performance. It isn’t always easy to see where you’re falling short, but once you do, it becomes an opportunity to turn things around. Identifying weaknesses and finding ways for improvement is critical to staying competitive. Whether you’re running a business or pursuing a personal goal, understanding the importance of analyzing performance outcomes and knowing how to improve upon them could be the key to your success.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, school administrators should strive to create and maintain a positive and inspiring learning environment. Schools can be successful by establishing a clear vision and goals, developing an action plan to reach them, enhancing communication amongst all stakeholders, fostering professional growth opportunities for staff members, incorporating technology into everyday instruction, utilizing data-driven decisions and strategies, implementing effective student discipline procedures, promoting a healthy learning environment and encouraging parental involvement in their child’s education in meaningful ways. As leaders in the ever-changing educational landscape, administrators must analyze their performance outcomes and identify areas of strength and room for improvement. It is only by taking active steps that schools can develop the necessary skills for students to become productive contributors to our society. Create momentum by setting achievable goals and making sure expectations are clear to ensure success in achieving them in the future.

Who Really Wins in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Have you ever found yourself in a personal injury lawsuit? What was the outcome of the suit? Well, for some the outcome was bright for others not so much. One of the biggest questions many ask their personal injury attorneys when starting a personal injury claim is, who really wins in a personal injury case? Well, that’s not an easy question to answer that question, you have to look at several aspects of the case in question. 

When we think about winning and losing, we have to think about whether we are winning for monetary standpoint or we’re winning because we got a judgment and someone stood up and said hey what happened to you isn’t right and this person is to blame and these are the reasons why.

Whilst in Utopia we wouldn’t have to have personal injury claims, a personal injury attorney or need a Tampa personal injury attorney, but in the real world we do. Moreover, in the real world we have to accept reality. The biggest dose of reality comes when it’s time for the other party to pay, and they don’t. Judges can order the person in the wrong to pay, but reduce or suspend the payment due to mitigating factors. As these are civil cases the defendant can weasel their way out of not paying. With a smart defense attorney, you may never see the money that was ordered because of loopholes in the law whereby a doctor might put all of his money into a trust fund for his family or he is an LLC. Moreover, you may not see a payout of the medical malpractice insurance because the doctor didn’t pay the insurance premiums, or he did not have adequate coverage.

But winning is more about the emotional aspects. Sure, maybe you get $1000000 because you lost a foot but think about what you’re going to lose in the long term? Your quality of life diminishes and everything you’ve missed out on or we’ll miss out on is not worth $1000000 at all. Not to mention the insurance companies who are able to raise insurance premiums on doctors who have to pay out on the malpractice insurance. They get more money from your suffering when sometimes you get no money or even a third of what you should have got from a summary judgment order. Furthermore, many lawyers work on contingency so a large chunk of whatever you were ordered is going to go to your lawyer at least 30% of your summary judgment order would be going to your lawyer, so they win and you lose.

When it comes to medical malpractice sometimes you’re the only one who loses out, and the doctor wins. This is because doctors and nurses belong to a fraternity of sorts and they sully your name behind closed doors. There is a stigma attached to a patient who makes a complaint or ends up in a personal injury suit with a doctor or other health care professional. And that stigma tends to follow them from one office to the next. It is comparable to a doctor making a note on your file that you are suffering mental illness, thus you a prejudged by the next doctor you see.

If you are lucky enough to receive a summary judgment order and they have awarded you money, you may never see that money, due in part to, the doctor appealing the decision or refusing to pay the money that was ordered by the courts. If you find yourself in such a predicament, then you may have to look for new personal injury attorney to help you fight the case and get the money you deserve. If you need the services of aTampa personal injury attorney there is help out there for you, they are only a click or call away.

The Takeaway

There are no real winners when it comes to personal injury cases everybody loses out in some fashion, but it’s important to remember that you still have to take a stand and see your personal injury claim through to the end, if you do not someone else’s life may be at risk and they may die at the hands of medical malpractice

4 Steps to Managing Your Money in 2020

There’s never a bad time to get serious about your personal finances. Let 202 be the year you commit to keeping a budget. If you already have one, take some time to reassess and determine any areas for improvement.

According to Rex Burgdorfer Crunchbase, money management is a life skill that will do so much more than give you extra money in the bank; it helps you prepare for the rest of your life, and these tips will help you get your financial skills on the right track.

Use a Money Management App

There are dozens of free apps that give you an easy way to track your spending, plan savings and learn where you’re wasting the most money. Aside from keeping all of your financial details in one place, these apps present data in easy-to-understand visual displays, as explained Rex Burgdorfer Twitter.

Rex Burgdorfer Crunchbase profile shows how hard work pays off; Burgdorfer is a specialized investment banker from Chicago who helps non-profits build from the ground-up.

Your personal checking account can be a lot easier to break down when you have a pie-chart detailing how your money is divided among bills, debt and living expenses.

In 2020, you have more access to personal financing help than ever before. Take full advantage of what smartphones have to offer. Just make sure that the app you choose is run by a legitimate company and has good reviews; never provide your personal banking information to a source you can’t verify.

Put Away Something From Every Paycheck

Even if you’re earning minimum wage, it’s possible to save something each paycheck. Many people with low incomes fall into the misguided belief that it’s not worth saving if you don’t earn enough to get by; if anything, people with smaller earnings need savings more than those with higher incomes.

You may only have $5 to put into a savings account, but that’s still better than nothing. Start where you are; financial responsibility doesn’t come with more money.

Make a Budget for Non-Essential Expenses

Your daily coffee habit might be costing you hundreds of dollars a year. Living on a budget doesn’t mean you should cut out everything that doesn’t contribute to your survival, but you do need to develop structure and be honest about how you’re wasting your own income.

Some people argue that cutting down on their expenses deprives them of a social life and memories, but is this true? You can have just as good of an experience eating bagels you make at home as you can spending $25 for less food at a diner.

Break Up Your Savings Goals

Rather than putting all of your money into a single savings account, differentiate your goals for the year. Have some money allocated for your vacation, money put away for a new car and money for medical expenses, retirement, etc.

It’s beneficial to use SMART goals when you plan your savings. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Rex Burgdorfer Twitter gives plenty of inspiration for money management and personal financing; it’s far more motivating to watch your savings account increase toward a goal than it is to save indefinitely.

With these tips in mind, you can start enjoying greater financial freedom in 2020 regardless of how much you earn. If you’re going through a rough patch, know that the discipline and skills you acquire today will continue to serve you well as you star to earn more in the future

Vlad Rigenco Career Change

Vlad Rigenco on the Ways to Transition Smoothly from One Career Path to the Next

The mere thought of changing careers after you’ve already invested many years into your current field can be downright terrifying to many people, and understandably so.

People are often scared of going out of their comfort zone as well as the unknown. If you’re looking to change careers, you’re basically taking on those two daunting challenges at the same time.

Still, even if the idea of suddenly shifting gears professionally may seem scary, it could be exactly what you need. Staying in the same line of work because you’re wary of making a change even though you’re mentally and physically exhausted is not ideal.

There’s no getting around the fact that taking up a new profession can be difficult, but the tips below should at least make the transition more manageable.

Don’t Shy Away from Networking

There are steps you need to take prior to handing in your resignation if you want to change jobs and one of those is networking.

According to entrepreneur Vlad Rigenco, networking is something you have to do if you want to grow your business, which makes a ton of sense. You typically have to start somewhere small if you’re an entrepreneur and that means that the early growth of your business depends on your marketing efforts.

Nothing’s going to happen if you don’t talk about your business.

That piece of advice from Vlad Rigenco is something you should still take to heart even if you have no plans of becoming an entrepreneur.

Networking allows you to form connections with other professionals; and who knows, the people you get to know may be instrumental in helping you gain entry into your desired field.  Asking someone you know who’s in your target industry for a job right away is not advisable, but there’s nothing wrong with seeking some insight that could prove beneficial down the line.

Save Money

In an ideal world, you will land a position in your target industry as soon as you leave your current job. However, things don’t always play out that way.

There’s a decent chance that you will remain unemployed for a while if you decide to change careers, but don’t let that dissuade you from pursuing your dream job.

The key here is to save money so that you can feel comfortable resigning from your current position while also taking the time needed to find the career that’s best for you. This article from Discover notes that saving up enough money to cover six months of expenses should be enough, but try to aim for a year’s worth if you can.

Saving money in general is always a good habit, but it’s a must if you want to escape the doldrums of your current line of work.

Figure Out What Career You Want to Pursue

Change, as they say, is constant. The job you always dreamed of having when you were a kid may not be something you enjoy as an adult.

It’s okay to change your mind, but before you resign, you should at least have a clear idea of what you want to do next.

To identify what career will suit you best, you can try consulting with a career coach. As noted by The Muse, a career coach can get to the heart of why you grew dissatisfied with your old job and also help you determine what you want to do next.

You can also try to take part in some self-assessment by using some tools recommended in this Harvard article. Those self-assessment tools can evaluate different facets of your personality and help you better understand what it is you should be doing.

Research the Industry

You must also take the time to research the industry you are thinking about joining.

Most job markets are very crowded these days. Plenty of qualified workers are passed over for jobs every day because the industry they want to get into doesn’t have many vacancies at the moment.

Be realistic with your assessment of the industry and if the timing is not right for you to enter it, you should consider other options in the meantime.

Do other things so that you are better equipped to make the transition in the future.

Take Up Classes or a Side Job

Speaking of doing other things that will prepare you better for a future career change, you can dip your toe into your preferred industry by starting out with a side job. The experience you gain from doing so may turn out to be incredibly valuable once it comes time for you to send in a formal job application.

You can also try taking up some classes that are relevant to your dream job. If your current skillset is not ideally suited just yet for the career you want, then supplemental classes should help change that.

Changing careers as an adult is not without risk, but sometimes, you simply have to take that chance if you want to achieve your goals. Give yourself better odds of succeeding by following the tips mentioned above.

Ballast Associates Discusses How to Get a Debt Consolidation Loan With Bad Credit

Many of us go through financial challenges. Whether it’s finally pursuing that startup, experiencing a medical condition, or being able to purchase a home, there are many reasons why we accumulate debt.

Nobody plans to be stuck in debt. However, the statistics are staggering about debt in the US. A website named Lexington Law stated that the average consumer debt in the US amounts to $ 11,700. For others, it could be even more due to home and auto mortgages, student loans, and other recurring payments. On average, Americans owe 26% of their income to debt.

When debt is left unpaid, interest can accrue over time which may result to even more debt or giving up properties under equity loans.

What is a good solution to get out of debt?

According to Ballast Associates, a well-known financial advising company, debt consolidation is one of the great ways to help pay off your debt in a more manageable way. Debt consolidation is a process wherein a company offers a loan by compiling your total debt and turning it into a single, lower monthly payment.

Although terms under debt consolidation loan are longer than usual, you can be assured with a monthly rate that you can pay with your present income.

Most people may consider having a debt consolidation loan but are worried that they may not be approved due to bad credit. It is still possible to get a debt consolidation loan despite having a bad credit–Ballast Associates provides insight on how to succeed with this.

Ballast Associates Discusses How to Get a Debt Consolidation Loan With Bad Credit

Find a company that accepts poor credit.

The first step in securing a debt consolidation loan despite poor credit is browsing companies who would offer this in the first place. For example, Lending Tree offers debt consolidation or personal loans even for people with bad credit. It is easier to take out loans from private lenders than bigger companies as larger companies would have more qualifications needed for security.

The only caveat with some personal loans, private lenders, and other companies who are willing to provide loans for those with poor credit are the high-interest rates. If you think that you’d rather get approved despite bad credit with an interest rate that’s a little higher, then you can choose this option.

Verify with your credit union.

Another option which can save you money for better interest rates is checking with your credit union. Your credit union may have debt consolidation offers for lower interest rates even under bad credit. Being a member of a credit union for a longer period of time will increase your chances of getting approved.

Credit unions offer both secured and unsecured loans. Federal credit unions are often the most affordable ones, but State credit unions can also have competitive rates. Another benefit of credit unions is that they can be more forgiving if there comes a period that you’re unable to pay. If you often take out loans and would want lower interest rates, you may consider joining a credit union.

Have a co-signer with good credit.

According to Ballast Associates, having a co-signer with good credit can increase your chances of securing a debt consolidation loan. Usually, debt consolidation companies scan applicants by their credit score. A low credit score is often shunned especially if they are only considering a certain range.

However, some companies are more lenient as they offer the option of having a co-signer. They can also look into the co-signer’s credit score, and this will be a guarantee for them that the debt consolidation loan will be paid off.

Although getting a debt consolidation loan with bad credit may be challenging, be assured that you’re one step ahead towards approval with these strategies


Building a Strong Network and Professional Reach

How to Networking Early and Often

Building a strong network is important in today’s industry. A leading man in the industry is Nate Armstrong from Home Invest. He has created success by using a few key tips.. Several things are essential in building a strong network. There are many ways of networking, so you should always be on the lookout for these opportunities.

Surround Yourself

One of the most important things to remember according to Nate Armstrong of Home Invest is to surround yourself with people that you trust. You also need to make sure that those people are competent enough to reach the same goals that you have. Relationships are a necessity in the business. This isn’t limited to relationships within the company. You must maintain relationships outside the business as well. Vendors and clients are important for expansion. They can help your business grow. You should also be able to trust these people and have confidence that they will do a good job. Remember, it all reflects upon you. Make sure they’re equipped and knowledgeable to work together going forward.

Show Off Your Skill

Another important way to build a strong network is being seen. That means creating a website on the internet. This will give consumers the ability to see your work and what you stand for. Another good strategy is to have a blog. This is a great way to connect to the public. You can learn a lot about what people are looking for with a blog. A blog allows you to relate directly to them and makes you look more real to the public. No middle man needed. If they can talk to you directly, then they feel like you listen. This will make them more interested in you and the company. They are more willing to listen and learn from you and the company. Do your research; look at other blogs and see what they are talking about. This will give you some great insight on what to include in your blog. Remember that your first blog post should be an introduction. Tell consumers who you are. Tell a funny story or write something memorable to make them want to come back. Let them see your personality.

Social Media

Nate Armstrong with Home Invest knows that social media is one of the biggest tools to use for marketing. More referrals come from word of mouth than any other source. Create pages for your business on many platforms. There are great options to find advertising for free. Post on Facebook or add a picture on Instagram. Sites like Trulia and Zillow can make your real estate listings stick out.

Meetings and Events

Another important key for networking is knowing what is working best. How are other companies getting their information out there? What is the best way to advertise? You can find this information by attending conferences and events. Many of these are free and can be found almost anywhere. Many seminars are also offered on the web. Conferences and events are  good way to meet vendors and other people who can help your business grow. Conferences also give you inspiration for new ideas and connections. This strategy can also strengthen your voice and appearance in the industry.

Be A Key in the Community

Reach out to local communities to learn more about what the consumer is looking for. This is a great learning experience as well as a great way to connect with locals and vendors. Remember that this is how you make your client base increase. You can learn a lot about a neighborhood and environment this way. Do it by volunteering or connecting with local businesses. You can also make your presence known with a local commercial on the radio. Also, make use of the local television station or newspaper.

Building a strong network and creating great professional reach is important. These action steps will make a large difference in your business. You’ll make connections and create relationships, things that will be essential now and later.


5 Trending Cosmetic Beauty Treatments You Can Do On Your Lunch Hour

Back in the day, beauty procedures used to take a lot of time, and patients were required to take time off to prep for the procedures. Patients also had to stop engaging in some activities including their day to day work engagements. It was an uncomfortable and painful process.

But in 2018, those methodologies are behind us, and we have replaced them with beauty treatments that only take a few minutes of the lunch hour. For those who are in the dark, Dr. Usha Rajagopal would like to share with you cosmetic procedures that can be done over lunch break, where no one can even know you were from a plastic surgeon. Moreover, the results of these treatments are effected within a period of between 24 and 48 hours.

Since we are trying to slow the aging process and still maintain our business schedules, we are going to look at 5 cosmetic treatments that you can do over the lunch hour.

Non-invasive lunch lift

There are different kinds of facelifts that are done, and the most effective are the ones that involve a surgical procedure. But as much as that is true, it is now possible to conduct a non-surgical and non-invasive facelift that is effective and only needs less than an hour to perform. This procedure is one that fulfills the popular adage, ‘less is more’. This procedure counters sagging skin by the use of suture threads that re-absorbable. This facelift procedure works to lift the middle and lower face contours through the stimulation of collagen.

Collagen induction therapy

This is a non-surgical treatment that uses PRP in micro needling and collagen induction therapy to treat different kinds of skin imperfections that include wrinkles and fine lines, acne scars, dark circles, as well as improving the skin’s texture. Microneedling on its own works to regenerate the collagen, but when PRP is added, it supercharges the regeneration process. The result of this treatment is an immediate glow, and in a matter of 24 hours, you shall notice a more youthful and fresh appearance.

Eye area revitalization

There is a sunken area just below the inner corners of the eyes known as the tear trough. When there is a loss of volume in this area for any kind of reason, it creates a shadow which is identified commonly as the dark under-eye circle. This can make you look tired and old. To correct this look, specific fillers known as Volbella Fillers are used because they are ultra-smooth and have a low HA concentration. When you undergo this one-time treatment, you are going to have a natural look that can stay for up to one year.

Instant hydration using skin boosters

It is common that the best way to have a youthful skin is to hydrate your skin, and most of the cosmetic procedures done at lunchtime work to correct the imperfections of the skin. Volite is used in this hydration treatment to improve the quality of the skin. HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is in Volite; it works to wipe wrinkles and fine lines off the face to leave a smooth skin, as well as add elasticity and hydration. One session of this cosmetic procedure can last up to nine months. The treatment will help to boost the skin on the decolletage, hands, and neck.

Lips rejuvenation

Today, there is a way to rejuvenate the skin in a natural way. Juvederm Volift fillers are used to rejuvenate the lips. Unlike other types of fillers, this type of fillers gives the lips a natural look and makes the lips plump in a subtle way. The results can last up to 15 months.

Gone are the days when you need to take time off work to attend a cosmetic procedure. But before you undertake any procedure, consult a board certified plastic surgeon to advise you on the effects and best procedures to undertake on the need you have.


5 Tips On How To Prepare Your Family For A Photo Session

As cute and picture perfect your family is, the truth is, picture day and picture sessions can become necessarily challenging. These challenges don’t only come from our families, sometimes it’s the photographer, issues with outfits, and just being unprepared. There are a few simple tips to put into effect that will increase chances of an enjoyable family photo experience.

Choose Clothing Ahead of Time

This has to be one of the most important ones because it is so often overlooked by photo clients. Most people underestimate the hectic day of family photo day and think they’ll have enough time to choose last minute outfits. This isn’t always the case, so it’s best to determine what your ideal photo looks like and coordinate outfits accordingly. Do you want your photos to be elegant, neutral colors, flowing fabrics, bold accented colors, matching or coordinating outfits? All of this should be done with ample time for the best possible results.


With family photos, proper scheduling should not be overlooked, especially if considering small or young children. It should be set for a date less likely to conflict with anybody’s schedule to avoid last minute cancellations or changes. For young children, keep nap and feeding times in mind and set photo session around them. The photo experience should be fun, but it’s far from it if the children are unpleasant because they haven’t napped. Be sure to choose times that are most favorable for all parties involved to ensure a smooth process.


Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it is difficult to communicate our ideas to someone without a visual representation. Having a photo example that acts as your inspiration helps you decide what you think works best for your family. This isn’t only for you, but for your photographer to fully understand the aesthetic you aim for. This inspiration will be great for giving you ideas of clothing, props and choosing a photographer with certain strengths. Since the final results are in the hands of your photographer, putting together ideas or inspiration is a tremendous help.

Properly Choose a Photographer

The process of choosing your photographer should be just as fun but be sure to choose one that fits your needs. Tying into inspiration, choosing photographers by specialties and strengths is a great tip to highly consider. One like Ava Rose Taylor Adoption who specializes in young children and families with adopted children. Photographers that have been recommended by other loved ones are great because you know they’ve been tried and tested. Conducting prior research to ensure your photographer is great with children, professional and easygoing is one you’ll be grateful for.

Have Fun

As mentioned before, the experience and process of a family photo day should be fun for all. Photographers like Ava Rose Taylor Adoption will admit that the real smiles photograph better when in an enjoyable atmosphere. Don’t become overly strict or obsessed with the small details of the photo process. It is best to just sit back, relax and allow your photographer to capture your family in their most natural element.

No matter the inspiration or process, a family photo process is meant to be fun and enjoyable for everybody involved. The challenges that can arise during this process is underestimated so it is best to be overly prepared. Making sure to have as much as possible in place to increase chances of a seamless process and flawless frame worthy photos.


Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Athletes

Athletes are usually viewed as superhumans by some of us, but we are all capable of being athletes in our ways if we can commit to a workout program. It is never too late; make some time and go outside and engage your body in an activity to love.

As an athlete who plans to always be in your best shape, Dr. Summit Shah recommends that you consider going to a whole food plant based diet to increase the quality of your life. This is a great lifestyle if you want to have optimal health and overall wellness which can help you avoid any major diseases.

Let’s dive into the healthy tips for athletes.

Eat quality foods

When we talk about eating quality, we are talking about eating nutrient-dense foods. Whole foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grain carbs like wild rice, oatmeal, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, teff, sweet potatoes, popcorn, millet, tuber vegetables, peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, nuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, and pumpkin are foods that have high quality nutrients that are good for athletes.

The benefits of these foods are endless. For starters, your body receives natural energy, your immune system is improved, and your body recovers faster.

Eat enough

Most athletes who get on the whole foods diet plan tend to fail because they fail to take the right quantity of total calories. Nuts, seeds, coconut, and avocados have high calories, and this is where you need to get your calories so that you can engage in your sporting activities with more vigor.

Eat often

It is recommended that you eat after every 3 to 4 hours to maintain your blood sugar and keep your metabolism high. This kind of setting will also help you to curve food cravings and help you to eat just right for dinner. In the morning eat heavier meals to give your body fuel. Ensure that you eat different kinds of vegetables and fruits to provide you with enough antioxidants and phytonutrients to boost your immune system. Additionally, do not forget to use spices and fresh herbs when you are cooking.

Follow the 50-70% and the 80/20 rule

Eating whole foods is a lifestyle rather than a diet. If you start doing it, your body will crave for more because your taste buds change, and you crave for more dense nutrient foods. You won’t be eager to eat cookies.

When you transition to a whole foods diet, start by eating whole plant foods 80% of the time and the remaining percentage on what you love. But once you take up more whole foods, you will focus more on eating nutritious meals than the junk food you used to eat.

You can also source between 50-70% of calories from whole plant foods. For instance, when you have dinner, ensure you have an avocado and salad together with some steamed broccoli. For the main meal, take sweet potato and quinoa. For the remaining percentage, you can choose any source of meat.

Have a backup plan and some extra food

As an athlete, stuff happens and you need to be prepared. When you go for hikes, carry lunch and some snacks to keep you energized the whole day. When we go on a nature walk or a fun activity, we often tend to spend more time than we anticipated; be prepared and plan on the type of stacks you can carry.

Shop what is in season

To keep things fun, purchase the tastiest and freshest foods you can find. Look for colorful vegetables and fruits. As you also shop, purchase in bulk for all the nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and grains.

Stay consistent

Consistency is a principle that works in almost everything in life. For you to succeed in the whole foods diet, you should stay consistent with your eating habits. Always ensure that you can quickly fix a meal. Quinoa, oats, brown rice, and sweet potatoes are easy to fix meals that should be in your pantry.

Hydrate as much as possible

Proper hydration is a key component in performing well in any athletic activity to reduce early fatigue and optimize the performance of your body. To check your hydration, Dr. Summit Shah recommends that you check the color of your urine. In case you have dark colored urine, you might either be missing some nutrients, or you may be dehydrated.

Take time to recover

Most of the whole foods are anti-inflammatory, while some foods are more potent than others. Ginger, turmeric, cherries, berries, ground flax seeds, dark leafy greens, and beats help to reduce inflammation and post-exercise pain, enabling your body to recover faster. It is essential to have a quality sleep so that the body can repair muscles. Additionally, ensure that you reduce your stress levels, sleep, stretch and get a massage regularly.

Take breaks between meals

You need to take breaks between meals. For instance, if you finish eating at 6 pm, don’t eat anything else until the next morning at 6am. If you can push your breakfast even further, you will be doing justice to your body. If you rest your digestive system, you will boost your immune system, trigger stem cells regeneration, and encourage weight loss.

William Bronchick

5 Meal Ideas for Busy Entrepreneurs

William Bronchick

Busy entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury to always fix a nice home cooked meal. Dinner out can be fun but it can also get boring. When time is in a crunch and you need something fast to eat, look to this list. Here are many great meal ideas for busy entrepreneurs from renowned chef William Bronchick.

A Quick and Refreshing Smoothie

A smoothie is the new breakfast of today. Many people mix one up in the morning for a great way to get all the essentials needed to start the day off right. They are also a good idea for a snack or lunch when you’re on the go. Busy entrepreneurs spend every minute of every day working. Most of them don’t know what a day off even is. A smoothie can be made with anything at any time. It is always refreshing and can even be a dessert. Try fresh fruit or chocolate and peanut butter for a sweet treat.

A Quick Snack Made Right

When someone mentions the name trail mix everyone thinks of hiking and trails. This is not the only way to enjoy trail mix though. It is great to throw in your bag to munch on between meals or when you are running late to get something to eat. Mix up some nuts with raisins and candy pieces for a great mix.

Make Use of the Crockpot

You probably have one of these on a closet shelf somewhere. It is more than likely still in the same packaging as it was when you got it for your housewarming party. It’s time to make use of it. Crockpot meals are a great way to fix it and forget it. All you need is some vegetables, meat and a sauce and you got a great smelling dinner ready for you when you get home.

One Pot Meals

One pot meals are another great way to get something good to eat in record timing. They are also pretty simple to make as well. Make sure to use the freshest ingredients for the best quality. Great renditions of these meals include broccoli and rice bowls, pasta dishes and soups. You can also spice up some old time favorites like mac and cheese. Add some diced ham or fajita chicken or a little sriracha to kick it up a notch. Also get creative with different kinds of cheeses too. Authentic chefs like William Bronchick use pasta in many of their signature dishes.

Wraps of All Kinds

There are many different wraps that are easy and fun. Lettuce wraps are a great choice for health-conscious eaters. Mix up some tuna salad and slap it on a large piece of lettuce with some tomato. It fast and delicious. You can also saute up some chicken with your favorite sauce and wrap it in some lettuce for something hot. When some people think of wraps they also think of burritos and tortillas. The burrito is one of the easiest and simplest ways to eat your favorite foods. Whether its steak and cheese or taco meat and refried beans, they hold everything. You can add anything to a wrap that will have you feeling full and satisfied in record timing.

No matter what your taste buds like, there is something that can be simple and delicious. Try new things. Try different things. So you don’t have time to slave away in the kitchen? Don’t worry. With these tips, you can have a great meal before you know it.