5 Tips On How To Prepare Your Family For A Photo Session

As cute and picture perfect your family is, the truth is, picture day and picture sessions can become necessarily challenging. These challenges don’t only come from our families, sometimes it’s the photographer, issues with outfits, and just being unprepared. There are a few simple tips to put into effect that will increase chances of an enjoyable family photo experience.

Choose Clothing Ahead of Time

This has to be one of the most important ones because it is so often overlooked by photo clients. Most people underestimate the hectic day of family photo day and think they’ll have enough time to choose last minute outfits. This isn’t always the case, so it’s best to determine what your ideal photo looks like and coordinate outfits accordingly. Do you want your photos to be elegant, neutral colors, flowing fabrics, bold accented colors, matching or coordinating outfits? All of this should be done with ample time for the best possible results.


With family photos, proper scheduling should not be overlooked, especially if considering small or young children. It should be set for a date less likely to conflict with anybody’s schedule to avoid last minute cancellations or changes. For young children, keep nap and feeding times in mind and set photo session around them. The photo experience should be fun, but it’s far from it if the children are unpleasant because they haven’t napped. Be sure to choose times that are most favorable for all parties involved to ensure a smooth process.


Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it is difficult to communicate our ideas to someone without a visual representation. Having a photo example that acts as your inspiration helps you decide what you think works best for your family. This isn’t only for you, but for your photographer to fully understand the aesthetic you aim for. This inspiration will be great for giving you ideas of clothing, props and choosing a photographer with certain strengths. Since the final results are in the hands of your photographer, putting together ideas or inspiration is a tremendous help.

Properly Choose a Photographer

The process of choosing your photographer should be just as fun but be sure to choose one that fits your needs. Tying into inspiration, choosing photographers by specialties and strengths is a great tip to highly consider. One like Ava Rose Taylor Adoption who specializes in young children and families with adopted children. Photographers that have been recommended by other loved ones are great because you know they’ve been tried and tested. Conducting prior research to ensure your photographer is great with children, professional and easygoing is one you’ll be grateful for.

Have Fun

As mentioned before, the experience and process of a family photo day should be fun for all. Photographers like Ava Rose Taylor Adoption will admit that the real smiles photograph better when in an enjoyable atmosphere. Don’t become overly strict or obsessed with the small details of the photo process. It is best to just sit back, relax and allow your photographer to capture your family in their most natural element.

No matter the inspiration or process, a family photo process is meant to be fun and enjoyable for everybody involved. The challenges that can arise during this process is underestimated so it is best to be overly prepared. Making sure to have as much as possible in place to increase chances of a seamless process and flawless frame worthy photos.

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