6 Of the Most Effective Law Firm Marketing Techniques

Legal marketing is becoming increasingly challenging in the modern day due to factors like insufficient in-house developmental activities, poor marketing practices and inability to connect with millennials, who constitute the fastest growing market segment. Because of the growing interest in online marketing, law firms also need to invest in measurable marketing strategies and pay attention to the quality of content they put up. According to the Answering Legal resource, lawyers and legal marketing professionals can market their firms effectively using:

1. Use mobile telephony to extend your reach
Mobile phones have become a crucial marketing tool in today’s competitive marketplace. In 2015, Google reported that searches emanating from mobile devices surpassed those coming from desktop devices for the first time. When it comes to popular searches from mobile devices, one web traffic study indicated that practice areas like a criminal attorney, personal injury, and employment law form the bulk of traffic.

2. Create a website for your law firm
Getting your law firm to look professionals may not be sufficient enough to convince today’s discerning legal customer. One study suggests that 75% of all legal customers visit law firm websites first before taking any action. A good website should not only be eye-catching, it also needs to be resourceful and articulated to the client’s needs. Besides service advertising, a growing number of attorneys are also tapping into the website resource to process new client information, collect payments and schedule appointments. You can kick-start your online campaign by choosing appropriate legal software with the necessary features and functions.

3. Use online customer service channels
Research has shown that social media messaging, Live Chat and email are among the most popular mode of reaching legal clients, especially the millennials. The messaging channels are effective because they promptly answer customer concerns and offer a perfect platform for building a long-term relationship with customers

4. Take advantage of online reviews
When formulating a marketing plan for your law firm, never ignore online reviews and testimonials, whether negative or positive. Studies have shown that up to 90% of consumers go online to read reviews before visiting a business. In the same breath, close to 88% of customers believe online reviews count just as much as individual recommendations. The reviews have far-reaching implications for any business because they come from real persons and can easily sway the thinking and decisions of other people. The best place to start is encouraging positive reviews on Google reviews since it is the most widely used search engine.

5. Think Facebook and Twitter advertising
Although Facebook has changed the way its algorithms work by placing emphasis on the personal interaction aspect at the expense of aspects like advertising, it still remains a powerful marketing tool for lawyers. However, law firms need to up their social advertising budget by considering more effective routes like promoted content in order to reach more people. Twitter also offers a wide-ranging paid advertisements and steadier marketing results. For instance, law firms can use low premium, Twitter advertising campaigns organized under the Website clicks or conversion platform to stand out, promote more clicks and sharing.

6. Use live phone answering service
When mobile and online marketing efforts have all been implemented, you will require a live voice answering service to direct calls from clients and prospects. You can obtain optimal leverage by joining a legal answering service to ensure all new clients are greeted with a friendly and experienced voice at the help desk.

Marketing your Law firm using visibility networks
The law professional is by most accounts the most crowded field in the US. According to the ABA Journal, the US has over 1.3 million practicing lawyers with another 35,000 joining the workforce annually. Due to this high number, getting your law practice to stand out can be difficult. The prevailing circumstances have forced many lawyers to enlist with marketing companies such as Lawyers of Distinction. The political, private lawyer vanity and marketing group uses proven strategies to help law firms stand out and compete effectively in the crowded market.

The company recognizes more than 20 areas of practice and is present in all the 50 states of the US. Members of Lawyers of Distinction enjoy having their pronouncements and press releases published in print and online in leading publications such as USA Today, CNN, Fox News and the New York Times. Besides the publicity, the other benefits that come with the membership include:
• Exclusive right to use Lawyers of Distinction Logo and other promotional materials
• Access to Facebook membership group, where members exchange information and get referrals in real-time
• Annual membership discounts amounting to $5,000 on select airlines, hotels and taxi services.

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