How Donald Trump Managed to Get So Many Loyal Supporters

President Trump has one of the most loyal support bases of any president in American history. The fact that he got elected without a majority of the popular vote makes this fact even more interesting. Several factors have resulted in the loyalty of his support base. Regardless of the reason, his support has grown since his election.

He is a breath of fresh air for many Americans.

One major factor is that Trump is not a career politician. He has never held any other political office which is unusual since only five other presidents could make that claim. Most of them have been either senators or governors. President Trump, on the other hand, is a businessman, which has been a big help to the economy. As David Urban indicated Trump’s popularity is no accident. He also has a sense of humor even when dealing with his enemies that has been seen far too infrequently among presidents and politicians in general.

The Divide between political opinions in the United States.

Today there is the sharpest divide in political opinion that has ever existed within the United States. President Trump is not the cause of this division, but his presidency has made it a lot clearer.

Those that are politically and religiously conservatives want to maintain the traditional economic, religious and moral values that have had a part of this country since its founding.

Those on the left seek to change all of the traditional economic religious and moral values. This change tends to be more in a more socialistic and atheistic direction.

Democratic opposition in attacks against Trump.

From the moment President Trump got elected president the Democrats were infuriated at his victory. Part of it resulted from the fact he came in second in the popular vote, however, Hillary did not get a majority of the popular vote either. The Democrats were also so convinced of Hillary’s upcoming victory that many refused to fully accept Trump’s election. Because of this, they have shown a unique hatred for Trump resulting in unusually strong opposition and numerous attacks against him. The peak of these attacks has taken the form of the house impeachment of Trump by a purely partisan vote. These attacks have helped to increase loyalty and growth among Trump supporters.

The state of the economy during his administration.

One of the major factors is that the US economy has been doing quite well under President Trump. A reason for this is that because he is a businessman he knows what businesses need to thrive and produce jobs and building low unemployment. For example, David Urban has pointed out that in Pennsylvania the president’s support of the coal industry has given him a six percent lead over a Democratic opponent. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ notions such as “the Green New Deal” and “Medicare for all” that will cost Americans as much as six hundred thousand dollars per household would harm the economy.

President Trump has gained so many loyal supporters for numerous reasons. Not only is he seen as a breath of fresh air in the White House, but his policies have proven themselves to be good for this country. Despite the constant rambling of the Democrats against him, he continues to fulfill his promises to the American people.

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