6 Software Testing Metrics that Matter

Software development is a complex process requiring highly skilled professionals capable of developing quality software within a relatively brief period of time. The ability to develop and test software while adhering to a deadline certainly requires a great deal of talent, but it also requires the development team to utilize software development and testing strategies that result in peak efficiency and exceptionally effective processes. If you need help deciding on which tools are best, take a look at this comprehensive list of software testing tools from QASymphony.

When selecting a software development firm to complete a critical software project, the testing metrics utilized by the development team should play a role in the decision-making process. Software developers that employ metrics designed to ensure efficient and effective operations throughout the development process are more likely to produce the quality software you are looking for and are also more likely to do so in the time period requested.

The six testing metrics that follow are all incredibly useful in stimulating a greater degree of efficiency and effectiveness in a software development team, and understanding why each metric is important will help you ensure that the developer you work with is able to meet and exceed your lofty standards for quality software.

1. Software Testing Progress Curve

The test progress curve is a critical metric that measures the efficiency with which the test process is progressing. This particular metric is a raw measurement calculated by tracking the tasks necessary to complete the software development project, which is accomplished through a simple comparison of the total number of cases completed relative to the total number of cases attempted.

The curve that results from this metric allows those overseeing the testing component of software development to immediately recognize the areas in which the development team excels or struggles. This recognition makes it possible to make changes that enhance efficiency and ensure the software that is ultimately delivered is on time and of the highest quality level possible.

2. Testing Process Cost

It is critical to understand how your resources will be allocated throughout the software development process, and you certainly do not want to utilize your financial resources in a manner that is anything resembling wasteful or inefficient. The testing process cost metric demonstrates the cost of each phase of testing, including test setup, test reporting, and test execution, among several other critical software testing phases and components. Essentially, this metric will allow you to see just how efficiently your financial resources will be utilized, enabling you to determine the best way to use your funds on a specific software development project.

3. Defect Turnaround Time

The defect turnaround time metric is another measure of software testing efficiency, as it measures the efficiency with which testers are able to identify defects. Using this metric during the software development process, testers can identify any defect and address it according to the relative urgency of the issue. Since this metric makes it possible to prioritize tasks according to urgency, the overall efficiency of the project is improved and the end product is far more likely to be delivered on time and according to the precise specifications you request.

4. Operator Errors

Software development team leaders use the operator error metric to determine whether or not the error rates associated with the testing process are the result of the overall competency and expertise — or the lack thereof — of those working on the project. Software defects should be recognized and addressed during the testing process, so team leaders using the operator error metric can take steps to ensure their testing strategies are sound and that there are no skill gaps reducing the effectiveness of the software development team.

5. Test Coverage

Overall test coverage is an issue that must be addressed immediately if the coverage is lacking in some way. The test coverage metric compares the number of successful tests relative to the total number of tests that must still be completed, making it possible for development team leaders to immediately make changes to ensure the appropriate amount of test coverage is in place. When selecting a software developer to complete your project, knowing that they use this metric will provide peace of mind that all test cases, components, and configurations are being executed in the manner they should.

6. Defect Removal Efficiency

Identifying defects during the testing process is obviously important, but it is even more critical that software development teams are able to quickly resolve or remove these defects. With the use of the defect removal efficiency (DRE) metric, team leaders can see how efficiently team members are performing by comparing the total number of defects identified and resolved to the number of defects present in the end product.

The goal should always be 100 percent when it comes to DRE, especially since it is well known that this metric is often quite reflective of the overall quality of the final software product that is delivered to the client. When choosing a software developer for a critical project, it is in your best interest to recognize the importance of DRE as it relates to ensuring the software you receive meets the quality standards you expect.

Social Media Marketing As a Strategy to Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Social media has revolutionized the way users interact and share experiences. It has rapidly attracted a massive following. Statista estimates that there are two and a half billion active users on social media today. This number is growing fast. Out of every ten internet users in the world, seven are on social media platforms. Moreover, users are spending an increased amount of time on these sites. Social networking is fast becoming the reason users go online.


The Case for Social Media Marketing

By design, social media forums receive more updates than any other platform. New content such as news and personal experiences hit social media first. Search engines are designed to discover the latest information available online automatically. This enables them to give accurate search results to users. Users may also use search engines to find content on social media.

Users share interesting content on social media using links. This boosts SEO efforts, which in turn results in higher traffic to your sites. Your potential client base expands. Social media marketing is thus a core component of a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is an effective and proven strategy to grow your business. Social media marketing is the primary strategy in a digital marketing campaign. It has been shown to produce better results than other forms of digital marketing. This includes websites, email, SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, mobile and video marketing.

Social media marketing is an inexpensive way for small businesses to create value quickly. It is not complicated and does not demand a lot of resources. There are numerous tools available online. These enable you to customize your marketing campaigns as well as monitor and analyze the results of your efforts.

It serves to repair and improve your online reputation. This corrects harmful content and the effects of online defamation. A professional such as Aaron Minc can also help you rebuild your reputation. He is a reputation lawyer who can help you remove damaging content online.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is fast becoming the trendy way to grow sales. It increases traffic to your websites. There are numerous utilities available to track your campaigns and make the necessary adjustments. Let us review some of the other benefits of social media marketing.

  • Increased visibility: It enables you to put your brands online. New customers can discover your brand. This raises awareness about your brands. Existing customers will have more confidence in your brand when they find your presence on the various platforms.
  • It increases the potential market. It presents extended opportunities to connect with new users from around the world.
  • It has higher conversion rates than other forms of marketing. It improves trust and credibility in your brands.
  • You can receive critical feedback either directly from users or by using analytics. People interact with you by asking questions, requesting information or providing feedback. This helps guide business policy and improve service delivery.
  • It provides a platform to deliver exceptional customer service. Improved customer engagement enhances satisfaction.
  • It is an excellent and inexpensive strategy to augment your SEO and content marketing strategy. This improves your search engine rankings and increases traffic to your sites.
  • It empowers you to keep your customers updated on developments in your business. You can showcase new products and services or offer updates to processes and service delivery. You can also share useful information that will help increase the brand loyalty.
  • It presents an opportunity for you to become an authority in your field. You can set the trends by influencing the conversations on social media. Followers share and promote information that is valuable to them.



Businesses are increasingly adopting digital marketing strategies to grow. The impact of social media on the digital world is akin to what color television did to broadcast. Small businesses especially stand to benefit from the low-cost high-impact marketing strategies available on social media. It lets you grow your business and exploit business opportunities on a global scale. Take charge of your digital marketing strategies by embracing social media marketing.

My Patriot Supply Review: Better Emergency Preparedness? Think About Gardening

When you think about being prepared for an emergency, do you ever think about gardening? These two subjects are closely tied together, for many reasons. The two most important reasons are that gardens provide food, and that items grown in gardens can have medicinal value.

In normal, everyday life, a garden is a source of beauty, enjoyment, and nutrients. Many people enjoy eating the fruits and vegetables that they harvest. In the case of an emergency, the nutrients from gardens will be key so survival. Sustainability is important to consider. When you think about the world now, it is very interconnected and regulated. If systems shifted and broke apart with the onset of a drastic situation, the connections that we rely on might be broken. The transportation system, economy and politics are all tied to our food sources. A garden can give an emergency prepper a way of being prepared in the case that systems no longer operate in the way that we are used to. Food from a garden can provide valuable vitamines, nutrients, and calories.

In addition to providing a source of self-sustainability, a garden can also provide a source of medicine. This is another aspect of being self-sustaining. An emergency preparation plan includes a method of healing wounds and ailments in the case that modern or conventional services aren’t offered. For example, if someone had an infection during an emergency situation, the conventional option of seeing a doctor for an antibiotic might not be available. Did you know that Native Americans used echinacia for many healing purposes including fighting infection?

An emergency preparedness garden can be started at any time. You could hold onto the seeds, and then plant them when the need arises, or you could start your gardening now and start producing food and medicinal herbs right away. One practical product to consider is the Medicinal Herb Garden offered by My Patriot Supply. This is a product that includes ten different kinds of medicinal herb seeds, all in varieties that work in a wide range of zones. This is helpful because the seeds are not specific to one climate, but rather can thrive in many climates. The seeds are sealed in Mylar bags, which makes them more resistant to heat or extreme cold, and they can last over five years in storage before you plant them. This product offers people a way to start their emergency preparedness garden quickly, because instead of having to research what herbs to grow so that you will have a source of healing when needed, the My Patriot Supply team has done the research for you. The ten varieties of seed that they have chosen are all non-GMO and non-hybrid.

Medicinal herb gardens can provide plants that could make a big difference in the case of an emergency situation. Though we often overlook the value of plants when it comes to healing properties, in a case of emergency we may find that we have to learn quickly. Why not be one step ahead of the game? Herbs can be made into healing salves and balms. They can also be ingested through tea or other methods. If you haven’t considered what gardening has to do with being prepared for an emergency, maybe now is the time to give it some thought!

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3 Things the Best Leaders Do Every Day


Rocco knows a little bit about what makes someone a good leader. He did an interview based on this subject. You can read more from his interview here.

What does make a good leader, anyway? Well, Rocco touches on 5 key factors he feels are very important to have down below. You can read more on this subject at this link here.

1) Listen to what others have to say. This goes for opinions you do not like. You have to listen to others people outside of your own voice. Listen more and talk less. Most good leaders tend not to be very talkative. When they do speak, the use short sentences and do not repeat themselves. There are concise and to the point.

“God gives us two ears and one mouth for a reason”.

2) Be the example you want to be. Be the change you want to see in others and the world. Be willing to put your money where your mouth is. Good leaders are willing to make any great sacrifice on the front lines. This requires more work on your part. This requires more action. The more others see you do something, the more they will want to emulate it.

“Actions speak louder than words”.

3) You have to be passionate about what you do. I write for a living. I love to do it. It has always been my dream. Those who do not enjoy what they are doing need to find a new line of work. Good leaders do what they love. Their co-workers see this and want some. It is infectious.

4) Be sure of the decisions you are making. Good leaders make a choice and stick with it. They do not waiver to public opinion. They do not waiver to undecided votes. They do not waiver under most circumstances. There are times when a good leader will make a compromise for the good of their company. Be confident in what you do. Confidence is attractive. It is attractive in others. Those who are unsure of what they are doing do no last long.

5) You need only interfere when you need to. Most good leaders trust their team to do the job they are hired to do. There are times when a good leader will make some simple suggestions, but that is it. Good leaders know when to get involved and when to leave it alone.

Bonus Tip:

6) When you make a mistake, take ownership of it. Do not make excuses or blame others for what you have done. Your team is there to follow you. They will start making excuses and blaming others when you do it. Set a precedent for yourself and others. Take responsibility when you need to and know your own limits.

“Only I know what my strengths and weaknesses are. Only I can know when to walk away”.

QASymphony on Enhancing Organizational Communication and Collaboration

It is rarely the case that a communicative, collaborative workplace environment arises naturally among a diverse team made up of individuals with a wide range of unique perspectives. Without some form of structure in place or specific, ongoing interventions designed to foster communication and collaboration among team members, organizations across all industries cannot realistically expect to create an environment in which its organizational goals and objectives are completed in the most efficient way possible.

QASymphony, a company that provides software testing and QA tools for software development teams, has helped countless organizations across all industries by supplying tools that transform test case management processes in such a way that software testing teams complete their respective responsibilities in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Although there are many reasons why the QA testing tools provided by QASymphony enhance the efficacy and efficiency of the software testing team, it is quite clear that the tools encourage team members to communicate clearly with one another while also fostering a collaborative workplace environment. As it pertains specifically to software testing teams, enhancements in communication and collaboration go a long way toward ensuring redundancies are eliminated from the testing process while allowing testers to address each individual issue according to its priority level.

Of course, not every department within an organization can rely on QA testing tools to foster greater communication and collaboration between team members. It is possible, however, for those in leadership positions to apply the same basic principles and concepts that enable software teams to enjoy a more communicative and collaborative workplace environment. A clearly defined structure is often necessary in this regard, but organizations must take great care to ensure the structure allows team members to feel a greater sense of creative freedom rather than a reduced sense of freedom.

Traditional top-down structures tend to hinder collaboration and creativity, particularly when communication is limited to a single weekly or monthly meeting in which many team members feel as though they are expected to quietly listen instead of actively participating. Organizational leaders should actively seek input from all team members while also encouraging further exploration of any and all perspectives differing from their own. This simple approach will increase the level of creativity applied by team members — team members whose perspectives might sharply contrast with one another — as they actively collaborate in developing solutions to any number of issues the company might face in the present or future.

Fostering a collaborative and communicative environment within the workplace is critical for any organization, but it is worth noting that the establishment of such an environment is of particular importance for entrepreneurs responsible for leading a newly created business endeavor. Through the application of a structure specifically designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and communication throughout the entirety of the organization, entrepreneurs can ensure their fledgling endeavor is ideally positioned for long-term success.

Luigi Wewege on Entrepreneurship and Preparing for the Unexpected

Luigi Wewege EntrepreneurshipMost of those in charge of leading a startup have a clear understanding that any entrepreneurial endeavor requires a great deal of hard work to overcome the many obstacles that exist on the way to achieving even a modest level of business success. Even so, many entrepreneurs find themselves somewhat unprepared for events or circumstances occurring beyond their control, which is why Luigi Wewege and other finance experts have espoused the importance of properly preparing for a wide range of occurrences in order to ensure a long and prosperous entrepreneurial career.

There are a number of questions every entrepreneur must ask in order to ensure they are adequately prepared to deal with even the most unlikely of events, particularly during a startup’s formative years in which it is still trying to establish a foothold in the market. Business leaders have to consider how they will react if the supplier of a critical component chooses to suddenly raise its rates or if business partners fail to live up to their contractually agreed upon obligations.

Without contingency plans in place, any entrepreneurial endeavor will be left to do nothing more than hope that these unpredictable circumstances do not come to fruition. It should be plainly evident that merely hoping to avoid an event or circumstance is a recipe for disaster, so entrepreneurs who are serious about the future of their company should make the extra effort required to create detailed contingency plans for dealing with the unlikely events that could lead to devastating consequences if overlooked.


Michael Mally Reviews Aquarium Depot’s New Line of Live Corals

Michael J. Mally
Michael Mally reviews Aquarium Depot

When I walk through the door to my office which bears the words “Michael Mally, Musician,” one of the first things I see is the saltwater reef tank I set up so many years ago when I first began using the space for working on my music-related endeavors. I’ve since added several new tanks to the office, including one which was set up only recently and therefore was in need of a variety of new corals. After performing some research on the retailers that might be able to provide some of the rare and colorful additions I was seeking to add to this particular tank, I chose to place an order through Aquarium Depot.

Through the publication of this review, it is my hope that my experience will be able to help other tank enthusiasts make a decision regarding the use of Aquarium Depot’s products or services and which corals might make ideal additions to their own tanks. I added a wide variety of corals to a 100-gallon tank that was essentially empty except for a few very basic corals, and I didn’t introduce any fish until I allowed the corals, crabs, shrimp and snails to have some time to adjust to their new confines.

My order from Aquarium Depot primarily featured selections from its new line of corals, which included a Merulina Ampliata Coral, a Yellow Coral Gorgonian, a Green Speckled Mushroom Soft Coral and a “Bad Mamma Jamma” Zoanthids Coral, all of which arrived with exceptional speed and in good health. These beautiful corals immediately became the foundation for my new tank, and I have since ordered several dwarf seahorses to go with the crabs, shrimp and snails I also received from Aquarium Depot’s online retail website. Everything I have received has been exactly as advertised and has arrived without issue due to the careful shipping practices the company has clearly prioritized.

Nancy Behrman Understands The Importance of Communication

Each business expert and business person trusts they are great communicators, yet what is it exactly that makes a great communicator? Is it talent? is it inherited? Truth be told, communication is a skill and can be learned by anyone and mastered by those who make the effort to practice it.

Communication in business is crucial because it is the way we meet and greet others. We make deals, set up appointments and bounce ideas off each other through communication and if one is good at it, they use this form of passing information that is communication to speak in meetings, host conferences and lead a team of people. As Nancy Behrman would know, being in the communication business as Behrman Communications is a tough task that takes a lot of effort and energy.

Think of a lawyer. There are many aspects to a lawyer’s profession, but to cut it down a bit there are two major things a laywer must master. That is knowing the law, obviously, and communication skills. Skills in communication are highly necessary when working in a business that deals with other people. If you master people, you master your business, but of course that is easier said than done.

How Are Real Estate Agents Coping With Ongoing Market Difficulties?

BoldLeads Real Estate MarketThe recent report concerning the overall rise in commission rates among real estate agents would normally be viewed as an entirely positive development, and it would certainly be accurate to suggest that rising commission rates are reflective of a trend in which homes are again appreciating in overall value. While it is true that the value of the homes being sold has increased significantly and appears poised to continue to do so, the most pressing issue now facing agents is the relative lack of homes for sale coupled with a sharp increase in the number of agents.

BoldLeads, a lead generation company that assists real estate agents in building a consistent pipeline of clients and properties, believes that the best real estate agents are able to cope with the relative dearth of properties and the seemingly simultaneous influx of agents through an increased focus on efficiency and service. A number of homeowners are indeed hesitant to buy or sell a home due to concerns over the potential for the sudden onset of market instability, but that does not mean this hesitancy applies to all potential buyers and sellers. This puts the onus on the agent to be highly efficient in securing clients and properties.According to agents who use BoldLeads for generating leads, adopting a highly efficient approach is beneficial regardless of the market’s behavior. During times such as these, the most efficient agents will continue to secure properties and clients while others will struggle to do the same. During times in which there is a surge of clients and properties, it is the most efficient agents who will be able to best leverage the situation while still providing the high level of service all buyers and sellers deserve.

BoldLeads Offers Insight on Assets Every Realtor Should Possess


BoldLeads RealtorIt’s simply not enough for a real estate agent to understand how to secure clients through the use of BoldLeads, as skills concerning lead generation are just one part of a realtor’s responsibilities. In order to enjoy a lengthy and lucrative career in real estate, BoldLeads believes every realtor should work diligently on developing the most critical skills when it comes to serving the best interests of the client.

Advocating for ongoing education is nothing new for the company, as it firmly believes that all agents can benefit from an increased focus on improving their negotiation tactics and market knowledge. Along with approaching each transaction with a consistent degree of objectivity, these are some of the most important assets every realtor should possess and should be willing to work on constantly to improve.

These assets are so critical because clients often fail to consider the factors associated with the market and often allow their emotions to sway their thinking. Since most real estate clients are not professional negotiators, they will be relying on their agent to ensure the negotiating process favors them to the greatest degree possible. After all, a client should not be expected to perform a comparative market analysis or to understand how to best leverage information regarding a seller’s rationale for putting their home on the market. For continued professional success, every real estate agent should be always on the lookout for ways to improve their skills in these specific areas.