My Patriot Supply Review: Better Emergency Preparedness? Think About Gardening

When you think about being prepared for an emergency, do you ever think about gardening? These two subjects are closely tied together, for many reasons. The two most important reasons are that gardens provide food, and that items grown in gardens can have medicinal value.

In normal, everyday life, a garden is a source of beauty, enjoyment, and nutrients. Many people enjoy eating the fruits and vegetables that they harvest. In the case of an emergency, the nutrients from gardens will be key so survival. Sustainability is important to consider. When you think about the world now, it is very interconnected and regulated. If systems shifted and broke apart with the onset of a drastic situation, the connections that we rely on might be broken. The transportation system, economy and politics are all tied to our food sources. A garden can give an emergency prepper a way of being prepared in the case that systems no longer operate in the way that we are used to. Food from a garden can provide valuable vitamines, nutrients, and calories.

In addition to providing a source of self-sustainability, a garden can also provide a source of medicine. This is another aspect of being self-sustaining. An emergency preparation plan includes a method of healing wounds and ailments in the case that modern or conventional services aren’t offered. For example, if someone had an infection during an emergency situation, the conventional option of seeing a doctor for an antibiotic might not be available. Did you know that Native Americans used echinacia for many healing purposes including fighting infection?

An emergency preparedness garden can be started at any time. You could hold onto the seeds, and then plant them when the need arises, or you could start your gardening now and start producing food and medicinal herbs right away. One practical product to consider is the Medicinal Herb Garden offered by My Patriot Supply. This is a product that includes ten different kinds of medicinal herb seeds, all in varieties that work in a wide range of zones. This is helpful because the seeds are not specific to one climate, but rather can thrive in many climates. The seeds are sealed in Mylar bags, which makes them more resistant to heat or extreme cold, and they can last over five years in storage before you plant them. This product offers people a way to start their emergency preparedness garden quickly, because instead of having to research what herbs to grow so that you will have a source of healing when needed, the My Patriot Supply team has done the research for you. The ten varieties of seed that they have chosen are all non-GMO and non-hybrid.

Medicinal herb gardens can provide plants that could make a big difference in the case of an emergency situation. Though we often overlook the value of plants when it comes to healing properties, in a case of emergency we may find that we have to learn quickly. Why not be one step ahead of the game? Herbs can be made into healing salves and balms. They can also be ingested through tea or other methods. If you haven’t considered what gardening has to do with being prepared for an emergency, maybe now is the time to give it some thought!

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