Why Millennials Love Miss Bongo Prix

The rise of Miss Bongo Prix among millennials is not a surprise to many in the technology industry who understand the growing importance of cell phone use for the younger generations. Miss Bongo is one of the fastest-growing apps in the world with a presence in Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K. for its information-based service. Continuing to dedicate increasing amounts of time to Web-based cell phone use, Millennials are increasingly getting their answers through their phones to both simple and more complex questions.

Millennials mobile device usage 

When embarking on the development of Bongo the Monkey, leading design development was Meredith Stevens, a designer who divides her time between Australia and the U.S. Everything about Bongo the Monkey and the design of the app has been created to attract as many young people to the messaging service as possible; whether a serious question or a humorous request, Miss Bongo continues to create a range of answer messages from its team of researchers.

Statista reports the global increase in cell phone usage by Millennials continues to rise on an annual basis. Miss Bongo Prix feeds into the growing cell phone use of Millennials who used their phone an average of 223 minutes per day in 2017 compared to just 107 minutes daily in 2012. This increase in phone use shows how Miss Bongo’s range of answers is being used by Millennial cell phone users on a regular basis as part of their daily routine.

Looking Online 

An important way of looking at the rise of Miss Bongo is to compare the use of the SMS messaging service with the rise of Online retail. Millennials are increasingly turning away from the traditional ways of finding information and shopping by bringing technology into every part of life. In many ways, Millennials are moving away from what are known as “legacy” brands which have been around for decades and are not connected to the morals and values of younger generations.

Miss Bongo is a single part of the rise of the digital arena to influence every aspect of life and reflect the lives of Millennials in a positive way. The Online retail industry is worth an estimated $2.45 trillion in 2017 with traditional brands now being distrusted and ignored by younger generations, according to AdWeek. The mistrust of traditional brands can be seen in the development of the Bongo the Monkey as the largest SMS information service in Australia with a growing international customer base.

Human and technological development 

The growth of Miss Bongo Prix is the work of a combination of human talent and the development of new technologies. To answer the range of complex and whimsical question Bongo faces each day, the database of answers has been created with the aid of technology and human researchers who have built a huge database of information. Designing the platform for Miss Bongo has been instrumental in the development of the brand as a top information provider for Millennials who are understanding of the excellence of design in the digital realm.

Ease of use 

Human interaction is not always high on the list of needs of Millennials, who would rather use telephone options to source their information and products than use traditional options such as libraries and brick and mortar stores. Bongo the Monkey fits perfectly into the space being created by Millennials who would rather spend their time exploring the information provided by others through their phone than conduct research for themselves.

A simple flat-fee makes this a popular information service where a response to an SMS message is received almost instantly with no hidden fees as can be seen with some rival services. Millennials are often uncertain about using services which bring with them the baggage of hidden fees and what is often viewed as an immoral use of fees. The banning of the use of bots to buy concert tickets in bulk by various companies in the U.K. following a Millennial-led campaign shows how the misuse of technology will not be tolerated by the latest generation to come of age. Miss Bongo proves the technology and a moral value can be combined successfully in the 21st-century.


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