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Andrew Knight New Canaan Shares How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Using Amazon to Your Advantage

Andrew Knight New Canaan
You must have at least heard of the e-tail giant or shopped on Amazon for a discounted item. For small businesses, Amazon has a lot more to offer besides the cheaply priced products and free shipping it offers. In Amazon’s program, it provides users who have registered with them a number of benefits that may not be experienced by regular account holders of Amazon. Essentially, an Amazon Business Account provides a seamless process of making corporate item purchases more inexpensive and efficient.

What is Amazon Business?

Registered businesses have an advantage of making easier purchases on Amazon for free. To register, you simply click “Create Free Account” located on the Business page of Amazon and a sequence of steps will be present for setting up the account. The administrator is the one who creates the account, and the admin’s information is the one used to verify the account.

After creation of the account, the administrator adds people who later on add groups, make orders, create workflow approvals, and also add order numbers of purchases. The administrator can then manage the features of the business account like shipping addresses and payment methods.

Large quantity discounts and business pricing are the advantages of account customers of Amazon. Amazon Business also provides tax exemption benefits. You can also link Amazon Business to an active Amazon Prime account. To learn more about Amazon Business, Andrew Knight New Canaan advises you to visit this link and sign up for a free trial.

You will also have an opportunity to look at all the data concerning your orders and use the Business Analytics of Amazon to create reports.


There are amazing discount offers for plenty of products on Amazon Business. Amazon Business also offers price breaks on a number of unit purchases, allowing you to see several offers from different sellers on one page.

Tiered discounts on pricing and quantity discounts are offered by Amazon for purchases that are of high volume on specific items. Clicking on ‘Request a Quantity Discount” will show items that are being sold at a discounted price from sellers who are participating.

Benefits of shipping

Just like Amazon’s Prime free shipping advantage, Business Prime Shipping is also available for Amazon Business; this includes a free 2-day shipping on the items that are eligible. To register for a Business Prime Shipping, customers can go for an annual membership plan dependent on the users the business account holds. For 10 users, it goes for $499, for 100 users, it goes for $1,299 and for 1,000 users, it goes for $10,099.

You can link your Amazon Prime account for free to your business account. Membership on your Prime account qualifies you for great Prime Day deals when the company is holding its annual sales. Additionally, if you use Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, Echo Look, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, Fire Tv, Tap, Fire Tablets and other 3rd -party devices for voice orders through Alexa (Amazon’s virtual assistant) you will have even more deals.

There are a number of different payment options for Amazon Business; you can add a credit card to your account that several users can access. You also have the option of going for a corporate credit line which can allow several buyers to use one account, pay order by purchase and download reports of order history. Amazon has integrated with more than thirty purchasing systems like BirchStreet, Spectrum, and iProcure by Oracle to name a few.

Other benefits for small businesses

Customers of Amazon Business can also go for the ATEP(Amazon Tax-Exemption Program) for them to apply their status of tax-exemption to eligible orders from Amazon Digital Services, Amazon Services, Warehouse Deals, Amazon and other sellers.

The ATEP tool helps users by guiding them through the enrollment program. You can update your status and upload or edit your certificates. Once you make an order review, you can modify the items that need a tax exemption certificate.

Customers experience

In praise of the Amazon Business experience, customers have different reasons as to why they enjoy the services.

“ We signed up for a business account to take advantage of the ATEP program,” stated the CEO of Reviewstar Network.

“ Adding to tax-free orders, the program has a really easy ordering & re-ordering process. When we want to purchase a toner for our printer or any other office supply, we can make orders in a matter of seconds and the items will be in the office within 2 days,” Bouring says.

Bourin’s company has also made several purchases on Amazon Business to leverage on the payment plans that allow the firm to split the payments between several people in a company.

Andrew Knight New Canaan notes that Amazon Business is great for small business as the perks are numerous to ignore.

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