Nancy Behrman Understands The Importance of Communication

Each business expert and business person trusts they are great communicators, yet what is it exactly that makes a great communicator? Is it talent? is it inherited? Truth be told, communication is a skill and can be learned by anyone and mastered by those who make the effort to practice it.

Communication in business is crucial because it is the way we meet and greet others. We make deals, set up appointments and bounce ideas off each other through communication and if one is good at it, they use this form of passing information that is communication to speak in meetings, host conferences and lead a team of people. As Nancy Behrman would know, being in the communication business as Behrman Communications is a tough task that takes a lot of effort and energy.

Think of a lawyer. There are many aspects to a lawyer’s profession, but to cut it down a bit there are two major things a laywer must master. That is knowing the law, obviously, and communication skills. Skills in communication are highly necessary when working in a business that deals with other people. If you master people, you master your business, but of course that is easier said than done.

How Are Real Estate Agents Coping With Ongoing Market Difficulties?

BoldLeads Real Estate MarketThe recent report concerning the overall rise in commission rates among real estate agents would normally be viewed as an entirely positive development, and it would certainly be accurate to suggest that rising commission rates are reflective of a trend in which homes are again appreciating in overall value. While it is true that the value of the homes being sold has increased significantly and appears poised to continue to do so, the most pressing issue now facing agents is the relative lack of homes for sale coupled with a sharp increase in the number of agents.

BoldLeads, a lead generation company that assists real estate agents in building a consistent pipeline of clients and properties, believes that the best real estate agents are able to cope with the relative dearth of properties and the seemingly simultaneous influx of agents through an increased focus on efficiency and service. A number of homeowners are indeed hesitant to buy or sell a home due to concerns over the potential for the sudden onset of market instability, but that does not mean this hesitancy applies to all potential buyers and sellers. This puts the onus on the agent to be highly efficient in securing clients and properties.According to agents who use BoldLeads for generating leads, adopting a highly efficient approach is beneficial regardless of the market’s behavior. During times such as these, the most efficient agents will continue to secure properties and clients while others will struggle to do the same. During times in which there is a surge of clients and properties, it is the most efficient agents who will be able to best leverage the situation while still providing the high level of service all buyers and sellers deserve.

BoldLeads Offers Insight on Assets Every Realtor Should Possess


BoldLeads RealtorIt’s simply not enough for a real estate agent to understand how to secure clients through the use of BoldLeads, as skills concerning lead generation are just one part of a realtor’s responsibilities. In order to enjoy a lengthy and lucrative career in real estate, BoldLeads believes every realtor should work diligently on developing the most critical skills when it comes to serving the best interests of the client.

Advocating for ongoing education is nothing new for the company, as it firmly believes that all agents can benefit from an increased focus on improving their negotiation tactics and market knowledge. Along with approaching each transaction with a consistent degree of objectivity, these are some of the most important assets every realtor should possess and should be willing to work on constantly to improve.

These assets are so critical because clients often fail to consider the factors associated with the market and often allow their emotions to sway their thinking. Since most real estate clients are not professional negotiators, they will be relying on their agent to ensure the negotiating process favors them to the greatest degree possible. After all, a client should not be expected to perform a comparative market analysis or to understand how to best leverage information regarding a seller’s rationale for putting their home on the market. For continued professional success, every real estate agent should be always on the lookout for ways to improve their skills in these specific areas.