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Who Does Your Photography Branding Appeal Too?

Ismail Sirdah

When a person decides to spend the afternoon fishing the idea is to enjoy the day. This may mean driving around aimlessly until running water is spotted, parking the car and casting out. Other individuals will plan where they are going to fish to help ensure their success. This depends on the specific goals of the individuals. If the goal is to catch enough fish to feed the family it means nobody will eat if the fisherman is not successful. This person will know exactly where they intend to cast out. For a photographer dependent on their trade they will plan the afternoon because it is a matter of survival.

Marketing a Business 

For a professional photographer, the photos must have consistency, direction and style. It is incredibly difficult to market a business to the desired audience when there is no sense of consistency. The best possible recourse is to figure out what audience is interested in the brand. This must be compared to everyone the photographer is hoping to make a connection with. If everything is not correctly aligned the effort is as useless as trying to jam a round peg into a square hole.

Taking the time necessary to really study the images in the portfolio is an excellent exercise. This enables the photographer to see what has already been released. The website’s logo design, the messaging font and the colour scheme should all be closely examined. This will enable an understanding of who the work is reaching. This may be the parents of the kids in a sports league, a modelling agency, the owners of small businesses, recently engaged couples, product campaigns or expectant mothers. Confusion can be eliminated with clarity. For some unique ideas and concepts please visit at Ismail Sirdah.

The Name Brand or The Generic

Every portfolio has content that will appeal to a specific audience. The best images are not necessarily what will reach the largest audience. The individuals investing their energy and time into creating a brand reflecting their work will not necessarily be the ones securing the most bookings. A good example is a trip to the grocery store. Many people will reach for the cereal with a brand name because the box is much more appealing. They are simply drawn to the artwork. The generic cereal is right there and the price is much cheaper. Most people will not put the generic cereal in their cart even though they realize the taste is the same. The people enjoy saving money but will still purchase the brand name. There will always be someone who picks up the generic brand but they are generally the exception and not the rule. The well-established brand has power over the generic. For additional insight please visit Ismail Sirdah.

The Importance of the Branding Phrase

Most people see the brand’s psychological value. This is true even if the quality of the brand is not superior. The same is true for the business of photography. When there are two photographers with images of equal quality their businesses will not be equal. One photographer will be earning three times more than the other because they understand the power of the branding phrase. Their work is no better than the other photographer but they have narrowed down their target audience. They have found their niche within the market. The individuals in this niche are responding to the branding of the photographer. This makes it much more likely they will pay for their services. This connection is the power of branding.

The Time Factor

No photographer can achieve a prominent brand overnight. All the talent in the world will not make this possible. This concept requires a lot of time and the photographers should not place additional pressure on themselves to make it happen faster. Over time the business will evolve and the brand will strengthen. The most important aspect is to begin establishing a brand now. To visualize the ideal customer base. It is important to know if this base exists in a large enough quantity to make goals achievable. If the niche is too small it may be necessary to look into another brand to combine with the first. This will establish a major portfolio with a clear message.

There are a wide variety of business tools available to the financial aspect can be broken down and clearly understood. This involves looking closely at the analytics of the business. These tools are often available at no charge through social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Squarespace is a website host also offering exceptional tools. When these tools are used consistently the photographer will be able to build their brand and begin making a profit.

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