Sam Haskell

Why The COVID-19 Pandemic Is The Perfect Time To Publish Your Book

The COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect time to publish your book, and you need to understand how you can manage the publishing process. Self-published authors can help themselves when they are trying to make good choices if they follow the tips below. You can publish your book at any time during the quarantine or just after to capture the attention of the public.

You Have Plenty Of Time To Edit

You have plenty of time to edit when you are at home all day. This is a very easy time for you to look over your book, check everything, and make sure that the book is ready. If you are editing your book a little bit every day, you will get the results that you want. The problem with editing is that you need to go over the book more than once. You do not have that kind of time most of the year, but you have time. You are likely working from home, saving time because you are not commuting, and have time to get to work on the book as soon as you are done with your regular job.

You Can Reach People Today

Sam Haskell encourages authors to reach people today because they are already at home. This is a simple way for you to manage your publishing plan because you can continue to work longer at night. You have more time when you get up in the morning, and you can make a few choices that are appropriate for your publishing plan including changing the cover design or looking for an editor.

You Can Work With Other Authors

You have time to talk to other authors when you are working from home. You can discuss your book using a video conferencing platform, and you can continue to learn about how to manage your publishing plan. This is a good way to get some insight into what you are doing with your book, and you could even work with people who have already published their books.

You Can Organize Your Thoughts

You might want to finish writing the book, and you will have some time to organize your thoughts if you are at home all day. This is a good time to write your book at your own pace, and this might make it simpler for you when you are sitting at home with time to spare. You can even share your work with the people in your home, and you can read your book passages aloud if you are wondering how they sound. This is a simple way for you to understand how the book sounds, and you should continue to check items off your outline as you are writing.

You Can Create Your Budget

Sam Haskell encourages writers to consider how they can budget for the publishing process. The budget should include several different items that include marketing, printing, and editing. You do not need to pay for your publishing plan if you use a free platform, and you should consider how much money you want to invest in a second book.

You have the time to consider how much money you can spend, and you can use the money you are saving on commuting or eating out on your publishing plan. Some people have the extra money now because they are not driving to work, and you should try to use that money now because you will start commuting to work again in the future.

You Have Time For Social Media

You have time for social media when you are trying to market your book. You can post to social media often, and you can create the keywords that you need for your marketing plan. You also need time to consider how you will choose the genre tags that are used for publishing. Most people who are publishing a new book do not know the genre they fall into.

Most books take up more than one genre, and you should consider which genre you will embody when you publish. You can mix those genres to create your keywords, and you can publish your book with great success because you have finally chosen the appropriate keywords.


You need to make a plan for your book publishing journey when you are inside every day because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You should make sure that you have created a plan for your pandemic writing, and you must edit your book because you have extra time. Someone who is thinking about what they can do to make publishing easier should spend their extra time at home to make the appropriate choices. This is a simple way for you to reach people while they are at home, and you can capture the attention of people in different genres because they have nothing else to do but read