About Alissa Davis

Alissa Davis is the senior vice president of customer satisfaction at CreditUpdates.com, a role in which she is responsible for overseeing the robust customer service programs the company has long prioritized. Ms. Davis, who always makes a point of publishing the phone number at which she can be reached — (800) 720-6627 — in order to maintain an open line of communication with the company‚Äôs clients, brings a wealth of experience to her professional responsibilities with CreditUpdates.com. Alissa B. Davis has long been recognized for her unique expertise regarding the necessary strategies for ensuring a consistently exceptional customer service experience while specializing in the field of credit reporting, monitoring and protection.

Ms. Davis, who earned an undergraduate degree in business management and operations before completing her MBA, has worked diligently in every one of her professional endeavors to ensure the establishment of strong customer service and support programs. Prior to assuming her current role with CreditUpdates.com, Ms. Davis oversaw several widely acclaimed customer service and support programs and has developed a reputation within her industry as an innovative force in the field of customer service and has been hailed as a staunch and consistent advocate for the individuals her companies are responsible for serving.

As senior vice president of customer satisfaction at CreditUpdates.com, Ms. Davis has implemented a series of highly effective initiatives designed to provide customers with access to the highest level of customer service possible. Throughout the entirety of her professional career, Ms. Davis has been the recipient of frequent praise from the customers she has served as well as from the companies that have benefited from her tireless efforts. Ms. Davis has repeatedly stated her intention to expand upon her reputation by ensuring customers of CreditUpdates.com have consistent access to a team of dedicated professionals capable of providing nothing but the best possible service and support.