About CreditUpdates.com


CreditUpdates.com is the premier resource for consumers seeking services relating to credit reporting, credit monitoring and fraud resolution. The company is known throughout the credit reporting and monitoring industry for its exceptional customer service and support programs, many of which have been implemented by Senior Vice President of Customer Satisfaction Alissa Davis. Ms. Davis, who can be reached by phone at (800) 720-6627, has gone to great lengths to develop customer service and support programs specifically designed to assist customers across a full range of situations and circumstances common to the credit reporting and monitoring industry.

Providing customers with easy access to their credit reports and scores while also offering credit monitoring and fraud resolution services, CreditUpdates.com has been able to consistently go above and beyond in the service of its customers regardless of the situation or circumstance. With the help of Ms. Alissa B. Davis and her team of dedicated service, support and resolution professionals, CreditUpdates.com has made it easy for consumers to monitor and improve their credit score while also ensuring the accuracy of their report and preventing a wide range of issues associated with fraud.

CreditUpdates.com offers credit reporting and credit monitoring services in addition to its support services relating to fraud resolution. Seeking to educate and protect consumers in any way possible, CreditUpdates.com provides comprehensive customer service and support through unlimited and toll-free access to Ms. Davis’ customer service and support team. With instant alert services and easy access to customer service and support, CreditUpdates.com has consistently demonstrated its ongoing commitment to customers seeking credit protection, monitoring, reporting and more.